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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Virgin Retribution 3rd Rating

I now have another rating on Goodreads and it is another three star! So that's three ratings and two reviews! All of the ratings are 3 stars. The ratings for this book are moving fast. The promotion ended Sunday night and I have three ratings now. All of the reviews seem to think it's a good story. So that's a great sign. I've never had a book get so many ratings so soon. Some of my other books took months to get reviews. The Virgin Retribution was just released on the third of this month! I'm wondering what I can do to make the reviews four or five stars. It's not that I don't like three stars! I just want to see what's keeping my book from getting four or five stars.

This means I'll have another round of editing performed. I corrected a few things yesterday. I left out one T on the end of Scot twice, so I corrected that. As I stated before I'm not changing Kake or Karla because I like the spellings. I put a period where a question mark should have been. I found two sentences that bothered me, and I restructured those. I didn't like the way my chapters were numbered. I fixed that too! I was reading something about most mistakes being found three months after publication. The other things that pop up in the dialog are meant to sound a little off. At one point my character is delirious. I think she's asking for water, and I draw the spelling out a bit to show how sick she is. Most of the time everything I do is calculated.

Writing is hard work. It really is a never ending task. This is one of the reasons I don't rush into a story after I finish working on a book. At this point I couldn't create a poem if you wanted me to. I'm just mentally beat. I feel like my imagination is caged up in a box. Normally when I get like this, I turn to my blog. Sometimes it helps to just vent.

In other news...

I had a dream that I adopted a little baby boy last night. I have three girls, I was never able to have a male child. I talked my husband into having a vasectomy while I was pregnant with our last child. I can't tell you how many times I regret that choice. Every time we walk in a store he looks at the baby clothing. It kills me when he brings up how much he wanted a son. I feel bad about it now. I'm too old now. I know people still have children at my age, but I can't see myself doing diaper duty.

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