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Friday, December 14, 2012

Free Promotion Results for Virgin Retribution

My fifth day of promotions ended about three hours ago. It could have been more or less, I really don't know! I ended up with a total of 996 free sales from I had 41 free sales in the UK , 19 in Germany, 1 in France, 3 in Japan, and 1 in Canada. These are all free sales! It means basically all I get it publicity and nothing more. I've never had a book do so well on a free promotion.

I noticed The Last Love Story sold a copy this morning. This means the free promotion is working to some degree. However, I really need to move more than one copy for it to be a success. The Last Love Story was at 800,000 or near it in rankings, but now the ranking is 119,826. It means someone wanted to read book one of The Reversal of Time Series. The Virgin Retribution is book two! I was a little worried about The Last Love Story after I received my last review. It was a 1 star review. I have two 1 star reviews on that book. There's a funny story behind The Last Love Story. After I wrote a portion of The Last Love Story I found out about the show The Revolution on NBC. The first clip released to the public seemed too similar to The Last Love Story, at that time it was called The Reversal of Time! Finally after more clips aired I realized the show was different and my work was safe for another day!

In other news....

I had another odd dream last night. I was in some dark place walking near the river with my family and from out of nowhere a car full of guys drove up. They killed someone and they were looking for all the witnesses. Not only were they killings the witnesses, but they were doing it in a horrible way. They were beheading them one by one. The leader was breaking into the houses and decapitating people. Needless to say this caused me to wake up! I woke up about four! Dreams are odd! I have no clue when I will start writing again. I just don't feel very creative right now. I always go through this period after I publish something.

To be honest, writing the Virgin Retribution was a hard thing for me. I found out there are a lot of women living in the conditions that I wrote about. It's sad to know that women are treated that way. It was hard getting in character and dealing with the feelings of each character. I think I cried twice. I cried when I took Dawn's bandages off and when Kris faced her most difficult time. It was hard writing that. I get so connected to my characters. I feel like I'm mentally drained now.

I think my depression is coming back. Better yet it's been back for a while. I just find it hard to do anything when I feel this way. My husband tries so hard to get me out of these moods, but right now it's not working. I want to go home for the holidays and see my father, but I don't think I'll be able to. I'm still looking for a job, but nobody ever calls. I felt so alive when I was working. I wanted to do something about my ex boss letting me go, but I felt it wasn't worth it. I reported something to her about a child, and she wanted me to push it under the carpet. I informed her that if I ever saw it again I would have to tell Family Protective Services. A few days after that she let me go. The assistant manager told me that she had been covering up child abuse for years. I was new and not willing to cover anything up.  So, I think I was let go because I wanted to do the right thing and report neglect. She told me she couldn't afford to keep me, yet she hired someone the week before she let me go.  It hurts, I would be lying if I said it didn't. I was laid off October 22'nd. Well, I need to get my kids ready for school. Have a great weekend.

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