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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Instead of Chapter two I want to do this...

As soon as Hertha held the whistle to her lips a magical sound rang out. A few seconds later a sled with six big beast arrived. Hertha looked back, Miskunn and the children were nowhere to be seen. Hesitantly Hertha walked towards the sled, placing her cloak around her upper body. The wolf like creature pushed Hertha inside the sled and took off.


The Borderline



                      “Miloslava, come look at this,” insisted Miloslav as he held his stick above the water.

                      “I don’t have time. We have to get back before the sun goes down.”

                      Miloslav looked in the water once more. “I think you need to see this.”

                      “If it’ll make you come on,” moaned Miloslava. Within minutes she was standing on the bank looking into a small stream with eyes looking back at her. “Get her out of there. Hand me a stick.”

                      Miloslav ran to a nearby tree and grabbed hold to a stick. Before he could grab it, a firm grasp yanked him backwards.”

                      “There’s no need for that. She’s not dying.”

                      “It’s a gamayun,” whispered Miloslava.

                      The gamayun scooted all the way to the end of the branch and looked in the water. “Why didn’t anyone tell me my hair looked so horrible?”

                      Both Miloslav and Miloslava stepped back and shut their eyes. When they opened them again the bird creature stood before them with flowing hair and beautiful golden feathers.

                      “You can close your eyes over and over and I will still be here. As least I am direct unlike Kupala who hides in the bottom of them stream.”

                      Kupala rose to the top and jumped out of the water. “I needed to see your reactions.”


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