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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Where Does Stigma Start

I've been battling with something all weekend. On Friday night my husband and I decided to go to Winstar casino. This wasn't our first trip to Winstar. After we had played on a few slot machines, we went into a purse shop. I've seen this purse shop many times, but this is the first time I've ever went in the shop.

The shop was really nice ,  but kind of small. As we were walking around in the shop, a guard took notice of us. The guard started to follow us around in the store. She got so close to my husband  that she started to kind of freaked him out . He is a Veteran and we are both state workers. My husband is from the north and he has never been profiled. On the ride back to garland, I tweeted the incident to Winstar. I'm questioning myself because I don't know what I expect out of the situation. I don't really know who to blame. I want to be mad at the guard for profiling me. However, I know everything happens for a reason. So the question is where does stigma start?

I've lived in the south for most of my life. Racism is something that unfortunately you kind of get used to. It just feels kind of odd, I do everything I'm supposed to do in order to be a good citizen. I pay my taxes , I work, I tip, and I  care of my family. And of course I understand there are tons of  things we do to be good citizens but I hope you get the general gist of things. Stigma starts when we assume we know someone based off the actions of others.

As for a response to our situation, I would love to hear from Winstar about the incident in a real response. I would be okay with hearing about increased security in that location because of theft or attempted theft. I just don't want to believe it was because I am black. If it was because of race, I fear I will always be guilty in their eyes because  I will always be black.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Black Lives Matter

I was watching Fox News on Friday and one of the speakers was talking about the protestors in the black lives matter movement. Normally, I don't agree with Fox News however on this situation I have to agree with Fox News. We are developing some type of idea that we don't have to be held accountable for what happens in our neighborhoods. When you look on the news you'll see all of these problems in Chicago and other big cities with the inner city youth getting killed on a daily basis. I apologize I know this is such a ramble. However, I can't help but wonder why we're not talking about what's going on in our neighborhoods. I don't see outrage for us killing each other. Perhaps, the problem is we have too many children who are growing up without both parents in the home. I realize single parent families are normal these days, I get it. Yet, the problem in the African American community is based on the fact that there are so many single parent households with only mothers taking on the responsibility of being there for their children. I think we are angry, but some of us don't know who to be angry with. We want to speak out, we want to judge, we want to yell all the way to the mountain top, and we want to blame everyone else for our mistakes. We are forgetting one important part of the puzzle, we are the makers of our own destiny. If you want to solve crime in the black neighborhoods, which I don't hear, to be honest. I  hear people talking about police brutality but I don't hear them talking about the fact that our girls are getting pregnant and having numerous abortions. I'm going to say let's start looking at the hardcore facts. Let's start looking at what we really need to work on in our neighborhoods. We need to work on education,  relationships with our families, and we need to work on the way we perceive each other. We need to work on the idea of understanding that black is a color. If we really want to make people believe that black lives matter, we need to start acting like our lives matter.

School is back!

School is back after this summer. As our children are getting ready to start their new adventures, we are getting ready for the next phase. Over this next year I'm hoping to see new relationships, new heights, and more activities for our family. As we get ready for this new adventure called the start of the new school year, we will learn about new friends and hopefully new attitudes in regards to making friends. Perhaps my biggest fear as a mother of three it's being able to tackle work school kids and the wife of almost 19 years. However, I know as everyone else knows that was everything there has to come a balance.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Family Time

I can't wait until we plan our next vacation. I need time to seriously unwind. I feel myself getting sick.