Monday, June 15, 2015

Zoey and Dad

My baby is gone to be with my dad. Zoey was an awesome dog. I got her for the kids when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. We continued to travel quite often, so I let my dad keep her on his large open land. She loved jumping in the pond and splashing all the stinky water on people and she hated blue mailboxes. Last night she died and I think it was because she missed daddy so much. After dad died she grieved really hard. She didn't want to leave the area so she would camp out by his truck. Maybe the two of them are walking around together looking at the leaves and talking about hunting in heaven.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Online Relationships World of Warcraft

Five years ago if anyone would have told me that anyone could have a relationship with another person from across the world, I would have said, yeah right! Over the past few years I have watched my daughter talk and play with this beautiful child on World of Warcraft. Lexie and her friend were both around the same ages. Today Lex found out her friend lost her battle with a rare sickness and died. I have seen my daughter cry twice over death. She cried when my father died last year, and she cried when she found out her friend died. Never underestimate the relationships you make. Special things can come from so many avenues. The World of Warcraft community has created a family in so many ways. In what situation, can children grow up together by simply playing online? Bravo, and those relationships will be missed by players and respecters of the game.  Treasure the time you spend together!

You will be missed by everyone.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Muslim Irrationality

Living in Garland, Texas has a different meaning today than it did weeks ago. I feel like outsiders are trying to tear our town apart by attacking our mayor for having a heart. In times of war people often feel backed up against a wall. Even though we have been targeted by hate, we still need to keep our humanity. We have Muslim Americans here and guess what, they didn't attack us. They didn't do anything other than practice their religion and work like many of you. Some of you have taken the role of the aggressor by demeaning people here in our community.

Will the first person without sin, step up? At this point, crickets should be lining up and down your walls. If you look hard enough, there are plenty of ugly stereotypes that can be cast on us all. African Americans have the stereotype of being lazy and on welfare. White people have the stereotype of being racist killers throughout history. Hispanics have the stereotype of being illegal and rapist. Germans have the stereotype of being haters of Jewish people. Indians have the stereotypes of being drunks. Christians have the stereotypes of being judgmental and fanatics. These are stereotypes. We all are so much more than our history and our culture.

My husband was serving in Iraq when the Shock and Awe started. There I was with two small children getting ready to catch a flight after 9/11. I am talking months after 9/11! A group of Middle Eastern men made their way down the isle. I panicked. I froze and then they took the seat in my row. I remember feeling like my life was going to end. So, I started talking nonstop to the gentleman, in my arrogance I thought I could make them think twice about bringing the plane down. After we made it to the states, I had talked their ears off. People actually thought I was married the man closest to me because I was so inclusive, Again I thought my actions could change their mindset. They were terrorist, or at least that's what I told myself. After we finally made it to the ground a rush of embarrassment rushed across my face. I had talked these people to death because I was scared. I learned a lesson that day. I learned how ignorant I was for assuming the men meant me harm. I learned how little I knew about life and how people became racist. Racism is born out of fear. Don't assume you know an entire race because of the actions of a few. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Freedom Of Speech Vrs Freedom To Be Safe- Garland Texas Incident -+

On Sunday night our city was targeted by extremist. These extremist were called out by other extremist because of their hate. Garland is home to many cultures and many people. Freedom of speech is one of our rights that makes us who we are, but at the same time, it can destroy us. In today's society we hear talk about our freedom the most, when we are insulting other people.

Our freedom came from the need to get rid of seditious libel which stood as a criminal offence under English Common law which was dated in the 1700's. The whole idea was to gain the right to say what we wanted and not be punished by the government. It was never created to hurt, attack, or spread hate among people. In theory I can say whatever I want to say. However, in reality, my words can get me in trouble. If I go online and start bashing my organization I can get fired. If I go online and send hateful words to certain people, I can get investigated or charged with harassment. 

I have so many problems with the events that went down on Sunday night. I have issues with the school board letting a hate group meet in our building and disrespect the very students who would meet there the next night. I have issues with outsiders coming into our city and preaching their hate. I can't believe someone would have the nerve to come to an area with parks and schools with terrorist on their heels. Most of all, I have a problem with these people coming into our city and getting our citizens shot over hate. The event was centered around hate and it ended with hate. 

Our policemen and their families deserve better than what they got that night. They were put on the front line of a battlefield because of ignorant people looking to start a fight. I am glad none of our cops died because of that event. I hate the fact that the other two men were killed, but sleeping gas wasn't going to prevent what they had planned. One bomb could have knocked off a block, or the unthinkable. The area had water parks, schools and parks near. The park often holds games for children on the weekends. There could have been all kinds of devastation. Thank God for our policemen!

Practice your free speech, but understand freedom is often misunderstood. If someone dies for your freedom, it really isn't free.
This park it near the location.

This place is in walking distance and a water park is even closer.