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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bullying Vrs Terrorism

I think it is time to rethink bullying. The more I think about it, the more I think bullying seems like a form of terrorism. Take my daughter’s situation for example. There was a group of children who attacked her, so in order for her to stay free of the children, we will have to move after school is out. Terrorism is a form of bullying. They use it to hurt, kill or hinder people because of their beliefs. Ariana loves rules, so she was disliked for her need to see rules carried out. She told me at one point she was a monitor, and one of the teachers told her she was the best monitor ever. I am a little worried about the future because I know she is safe right now, but that will not be the case in five months. Right now we moved her to another school, but next year the children will feed into the school she should be attending. I hate moving my children, but I would do anything for them to feel safe. I asked her last night how she felt, and she told me she felt safe. I knew she would no longer feel safe at the old school, so my first step was to remove her.

Stopping Bullying Starts With Us

We have to send a message to the community that we want this behavior ended. I have been thinking a lot about this, and I think the difference starts with us. We have to teach our children right and wrong. I think if we have tougher laws dealing with this behavior, children will stop acting out in this way. I was on the other line when the officer told my husband he does not think the children who attacked my daughter are bad children, if they are not grouped together. Well, I do not care how sweet they look on Facebook, the hard facts are, they are mean children. Some of the kids had been bullying her since the 4th grade. The law wants to zero in on one, but the school punished them all. It was more than one child who did the kicking, hitting, trying to put her head into a fence. We went to the police station on that Friday and they wouldn't let us file a report. We had to wait until that Monday to file the report with the school police. In this case the school board is taking it more serious than the cops appear to be. Perhaps they should put their children in my daughter's shoes and then tell me how good the attackers are.

Good kids do not gang up on people and beat another person up because they can.

Time to get busy with changing the laws! Please sign my petition and help me get the laws in place for harsher punishment for the next group of kids who take it upon themselves to harm another child.

Texas State Senate: Make Bullying A Class A Assault via @Change

***Currently*** We are being told we can get one of the children on a Class C Assault  Charge  

                                                            Her report is below.

We are stepping up to the plate. If you know someone who is getting abused at school, show them your support.  Show them how much you care because that love might be the key to their ability to get over the incident.!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bullying Aftermath

We found out that the children who bullied/attacked Ariana can be charged with a class B assault. We have to file the charges on them. One of the children tried to contact her via Facebook. I deleted it! I would be lying to if I said everything was okay. Ariana has had problems with her rage. Her anger seems to be increasing. We are letting her talk to a counselor this week. I am afraid she is storing up the anger and reacting on her sisters. She has done two things that really bother me right now, and I am afraid the second was worse than the first. I have to try to gain control of her mood swings all over again. I feel like the attack placed us right back at square one.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Ariana Starts A New School Tomorrow

 I have so many mixed emotions about those children. I am so angry, but I am really concerned for them. I don't want them growing up hurting other children. I think we are all lucky. I am lucky my child was not severely injured. They should be lucky as well. However, it can't really stop there. Ariana is having nightmares about the ordeal and every time I saw her grimace in pain, I got mad. As much as I want to say it's kids being kids, I can't dismiss what they did. Every time I think of Ariana getting kicked and hit by that group of kids, it reminds me that she didn't fight back, she wanted to follow the rules. Those rules should have applied to those children. If the parents did not teach them to follow rules, then shame on them.

You will have to answer to someone for bad behavior. It might not be mom,dad, your teachers, sisters,brother, but it will be someone. Better to get introduced with the procedure and rules of the real world now, then to kill someone later. My daughter's psychological nightmares are just starting. With luck any charge on them will be sealed by 18, but who knows how long my baby will think about them beating her.

She is still wondering why it happened. She asked again if she did something wrong? I told her no, but she can't understand why the children attacked her. She is scared, and worried that it will happen again. I don't know if it is normal behavior or not. I might feel the same, if I were in her shoes.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Update on Attack

We went to the ER on Friday and Ariana has contusions and hematoma action on her legs. Yesterday was a hard day. She woke up in a lot of pain. You have no idea how pissed I am. I don't know who I dislike the most at this point. I am mad at the staff and the children. I don't understand how kids 11, 12 years in age can be so violent. I don't understand how girls can be so cruel. Ariana told us she was pushed and then one of the kids threw her on the ground. When she was on the ground they started kicking her. She had pain in the area right above her hip. I teach anger management and coping skills at one of the state hospitals in Texas. I am trying to keep my cool. However, I want those kids to pay for what they did to my daughter.

If you would have asked me four days ago about my feeling regarding young people and legal charges, I would have stated there was no need. However, I don't feel that way anymore. As much as I understand they are kids, I also understand that children have moral codes. These children did this to her because they wanted to. Ariana had problems with some of these kids for at least a year. We talked to the teacher over and over about the problem. My husband even brought it up in conference. I feel like they targeted her because she is different. She was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/ODD in 2009.  Her social skills picked up a great deal over the past year or so. She is a awesome kid, she would give you the clothes off her back. She is helpful, sweet, smart, and funny. It breaks my heart to think about her curled up in a little ball while these tyrants were kicking, and hitting her. I wish I wouldn't have told her that violence was never the answer. I know, I shouldn't think that. I don't know what I'm saying. Maybe I was right, maybe I was wrong. She could never defend herself against ten girls. 

How can kids do this to other kids? What the hell are the parents teaching them? At this age, it is all parenting. I blame them, and those teachers on the playground. Why didn't they go to her when she was screaming, why did they let my baby get attacked? I feel so helpless because I don't know what more to do. Police reports are underway, I have the ER report, but how do I make her understand that this will not happen again? She told me she was afraid it would happen again. How do I know if it will or will not happen again? How do I protect my daughter? Why didn't the teachers protect my baby?

Update 9:11PM 4-06-14

Ariana just woke up and said she had a dream about them hurting her again. I told her to get in our bed and she can sleep with mommy and daddy tonight.

 My Ariana!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Beat My Child With Teachers Standing Near

There are so many things going through my head this morning. Ariana opened up to us about the attack yesterday. She told us she thought they were going to kill her. When I think of her on the ground balled up, crying, thinking she was going to die because these 10 kids were attacking her it kills me. We are trying to narrow down who did what. I know the school took names yesterday, and they said the kids who had physical contact with her will be dealt with severely, but that is not enough. She does not want to go back to that school. She said mom, if I go back can I stay in and read at recess? I am taking her out of that school first thing Monday morning.

Where were the teachers? They were standing across from these children as they beat my child. I don't understand how 4 teachers can not see a gang of children doing this. She has bruises on her legs and her back hurt last night. We took her to the ER and they did a work up on her. They saw bruises and diagnosed her with chest and leg contusions from an aggravated assault. We went to the police station and they told us we had to make the report with the policeman at her school on Monday. I don't see why.

This is Ariana. She loves eating different foods and reading books. Pray for her.