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Monday, December 17, 2012

Terrible Night

On Sunday I officially came down with Alison's cold. I drank lots of water, and I took cough medicine. I perspired all through the night. This morning my chest feels funny and I still feel a little under the weather. I woke up at 5:30 with a massive headache. It's odd but we are all starting to get headaches now. First I had horrible headaches then my husband started having them. Yesterday Ariana had a headache. I wish I had a cup of coffee or tea. Something warm would be good right about now. I placed another bottle of water in the freezer. Maybe that will help.

After I took the children to the bus stop, the other children were waiting on the steps. I have never seen them waiting on the steps before. Normally they wait by the side of road. I heard one of the little boys talking to my daughter about the shooting last week. He went on to tell her he was scared. She told me last night she was afraid, so I think it did her good to see she wasn't alone. It's such a sad situation. Guns never bring out the good in people. A lot of people have died because of them. I had an uncle that shot someone's tongue out in front of the guy's mother. The mother had to watch her son die. I have cousin that went on a shooting rampage at his former place of employment. He nearly killed his boss and ex co worker. He's currently spending a very long time in prison. I've seen both sides. I've seen guns used for hunting, and I've dodged bullets in Chicago.

Maybe people will get the message one day. Until then I'm going to take more cough medicine and hope to feel better later.

All I want for Christmas is a Starbucks card! LOL

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