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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hard Morning

This morning started off badly. In all honesty it started last night. Alison threw up on Ariana's book bag. It was everywhere. My husband grabbed it before Ariana saw it and washed it off. Well, he put everything back, but he forgot the agenda. So, this morning I had bloody World War 3 and 4 on my hands. Ariana has ADHD and another problem that causes her to zero in on things without letting go. So she started throwing things on the floor and hitting the floor. I had to remain calm. Sometimes it's hard to stay calm when she gets into fits. Finally after I wrote a letter about the agenda she started to feel better.

Alison is still sick. She went to school yesterday, but she's home today. So, today I really needed another version of me! I've never let Ariana walk to the bus stop by herself, but I knew Alison couldn't stay here by herself. I can't take them in the car. So I had to stand on the stairs and watch her walk to the bus stop. I walked some of the way. I needed to make sure she was at our special place.

In books news....

Someone purchased another copy of Virgin Retribution. The day before yesterday another great soul purchased a copy of The Vampire's Salvation. It's nice to see people buying my work. Writing is hard. Promoting is ten times harder because you have to know people. I don't know anyone, so I'm stuck! I would be happy if I could come up with thirty sales a month at this point. Please feel free to mention my books from time to time!

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