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Friday, April 13, 2012

What A Cry Baby!!!

So, I just finished watching this movie called Skin. It was such a great movie. I always wondered what my grandfather and his siblings went through with racism. My great grandfather didn't want to claim him or the others because they were half black. However, from what I understand he wanted to claim the grandchildren...which would have been my father and his sisters. My family ending up taking on another last name because of the drama.

In the movie Skin a white couple from Africa gives birth to a child who happens to be black. The father and mother love her, but they can't seem to deal with her blackness. As she grows up she decides that she wants to be with people who make her feel good about who she is. At least that is my take on it. She has children with an Afrikan man which leads to her family disowning her. However, she reunites with the mother at the end.

This movie is a great movie because it shows how race doesn't mean anything when it is all said an done. I guess one of the reasons I loved it so much is because it made me think about my own family and what they went through. We get so mixed up when it comes to race. I remember when I started dating my husband. My father told me I couldn't date him as long as I lived at home. He said he was tired of me dating international men! I moved out, and soon we got married. My mother came down with Auto Immune Hepatitis about a year after we were married. Around the time she got sick I had just had our first daughter. She honestly thought for a little while that she got it from our baby because we mixed fluids in creating her. I told her there was no way it could happen because we didn't have anything like that or our child. 

There are so many misconceptions that we fall victim to. That is the reason we shouldn't listen to stereotypes. I have learned from my own struggles to never tell my children who to love. I could never see myself being separated from my daughters because of their spouses. I guess I'm in a mushy mood! Just open your heart and love each other....

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