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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reflection 1 Year

I took the time to look back on some of my earlier writings. I can see improvements in my writings now that were absent many months ago. I learned a few things on the way that will stick with me forever. For example, some of my bedtime stories had monstrous punctuation problems. Now that I have been writing for a year in some form or another I have used my knowledge to create better stories. Whenever I decide to venture into The Alien Recruitment 2; I will do it with the best of my ability.

Honestly, writing a book isn't easy at all. Many of my books were started before last year, so it was easy to finish them.The Alien Recruitment and Blend In Harpy Hill happened to be new projects that required a lot of thought. The Vampire's Salvation and The Vampire's War on Dashien dealt more with me trying to find my style. The Broken Realm which was The Druid's Dark Plan..was a spin off for my first book The Mythical Creatures of Milshem. The Heart of the Curse was for my daughter. I guess in reality I truly published my first book when I wrote The Alien Recruitment, and Blend In Harpy Hill.

I know some of you might be wondering what do I mean by that. Until I wrote The Alien Recruitment I didn't know what it felt like to get a writingasm! What is a writingasm? Well if the term were a real word it would be a writer's equivalent to an orgasm. Both books caused me to feel a level of awareness that I never knew existed. I knew I liked writing before The Alien Recruitment, but I was writing to suppress my emotions. I wrote The Vampire's Salvation, The Vampire's War on Dashien, The Heart of the Curse, and The Druid's Dark Plan before the month of July 2011.

I want to show you some of my prior postings. They show where I was mentally around that time. I think my life and my writing took a better turn after we found a place to live. I still remember the day we got the keys. I walked around our new place naked as I wanted to be...with no electric! I just loved the idea of being free. It was a hard lesson ...going from 14 yrs of job security... to two years of not knowing what was going on... I'm so glad that I can breathe now....;postID=6159231573298401303;postID=9119452811311484457;postID=5046326548583125640;postID=5116167880258022193;postID=3327983794338767067

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