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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Look Up!!

I took all of the days for Reversal of Time and put them into one page. I'm still working on it! I made a few corrections. Thanks for checking in...I have new stories I will add soon. I wrote them down, so as soon as I look them over I will log them here also. I have been working on creating the planet's new outline for The Alien Recruitment part two. I had to do my art work first, and colored images. As you know planet creation drives me crazy. I had to recreate the base, and bring in upgrades! I had to also alter the planet and create the new images of Earth after the destruction. I haven't started writing anything on it yet, because as everyone keeps informing me...I am on break! So, I doing this little by little until my hubby takes my map colors away!! As for our days and stories never fear we will have 28 days of stories! Reversal will take maybe a week more, and then we can move onto something else. 

My children have been writing down some of their stories, and I must stay that I feel like i have given birth to future writers. It's great to hear some of the things that come from their mouths. We are trying to do chain stories right now. One person starts the story and it continues until everyone in the room has had their turn..that is our chain story! Have a wonderful night.  

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