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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do You Feed Into Racism

Racism seems to be in the public this week, so perhaps it is time to have the talk. We all have different perceptions, but the question is can we change? Prejudice is something that many people encounter daily. It is a problem that soaks into every corner of the Earth. Yet, at some point the ill found perceptions need to be addressed. So, here are my thoughts..
Why are people still racist?
The school systems have only been integrated for the past 55 years at the most and in some cases much less. We are still learning how to deal with each other, and some of us are still trying to figure out who we are. There are so many different perceptions on race issues and people who are different. Perceptions change as people grow, so there is still hope. Everything takes time, but in order to understand each other we have to interact to some degree. So as I always say…form your own perceptions..Don’t feed hate! I love the fact that we are all different!
You can play the show to hear more on the topic..

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