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Friday, February 24, 2012

Why Should Any Author Need The FBI?

I have found out some really scary news involving authors and reviews. Apparently an author was attacked on a public forum to the point of no return. This author talked about getting the FBI involved over conduct that you would read in a book. While nobody actually knows if the claims are true or not, other authors have come up with stories that are very similar. Authors are being attacked by other authors in demeaning ways.
Rivalries have always been rampart in business. However it becomes scary when someone takes the vendetta to a personal level that involves calling people over the phone and posting things about children.

While each and everyone of us want our books to do well, we don’t want danger pulled into our lives. Anytime you work with the public you open yourself up to prying eyes. I noticed after The Broken Realm started doing really well, The Fairies of Tythian started to find life. I have started to get emails from my publisher , but I’m sold on self publishing. I’m glad that we only had a Joint Agreement for The Fairies of Tythian because it opened me up to do so many things on my own. With exposure comes problems…
Publishing is tricky at most. I think we will see more wars as time goes on, and sadly it might change the face of forums. However, if you go out of your way to harm other authors because you don’t like them…you go too far in my book. Some authors are using the rating, reviewing system as a weapon.

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