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Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yesterday morning my daughter and I woke up and watched Cyber Bully, then later in the day I found out that a child had did the unthinkable. There are no words that anyone can say to lessen the pain for that child's parents. I posted the article from Huffington Post onto my blog about the incident. However I took it down hours later. I had to place myself in the mother's or father's shoes. I wouldn't want some blogger blogging about my child. Children are so special, and my heart goes out to her family.

If you see someone getting done this way please tell an adult.  Don't be scared to tell someone. It's never okay to hurt other people. I'm a Young Adult author, so this means a great deal to me. Every book I write has something to do with stereotypes or character. Take the high road. As parents we need to make sure that our children understand the importance of being good citizens. It's not enough to provide shelter, clothing, and food. We need to make sure we are providing values. 

Take time out to talk to your children..

This mornings show is on bullying..

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