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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Bedtime Stories

I'm really happy that so many of you come to my blog for my Bedtime Stories. I never dreamed that they would become so popular. The idea of being known for something is quite flattering. You are connected to my stories, and that is something that connects you to me. I have always been a lover of  short stories! My books are novellas. They range from 15000 words to 39000 words, and each one has its own meaning!

If you are looking to read some of my newer books please check them out on Some of you were here when we revised The Alien Recruitment. Did you know that today more than 40 people have tagged The Alien Recruitment in the United Kingdom? It continues to sell in the United Kingdom.The Alien Recruitment was my awakening. When I first started writing I did it more out of a need. I needed to put words to paper or to the computer in front of me. However after I started writing The Alien Recruitment something different seemed to grab me in between the words, and thoughts. At times I would find myself  looking up and the wall pretending to be in a galaxy unknown to mankind.Writing was beginning to turn into something beautiful.

Blend In Harpy Hill is my latest work. This is the longest short story that I have written so far. It's around 39000 words, and it has a lot of good stuff entwined with real life drama. It's a Fantasy book about a group of children who find that they are descendents of harpies. They are bogged down with problems, but in the end they find that life has so much to offer even when we think we have nothing to offer life. I will post the link at the end of my post. Please help me get the word out about Blend In Harpy Hill. It's a great story that needs a little push!

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