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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Self Published Author

Why are we looking at some many self published authors today? It’s simple! In the past book deals have been difficult to get. Many new authors were turned away before their work ever really reached the desk of a publisher. Some of the larger publishers have submissions that are only open to agents. Take Amanda Hocking for example. She tried to go the traditional route first, but when that didn’t work she self published! Today she is now under a traditional publishing house, but it started with self publishing. Finally after the traditional houses saw how readers reacted to her books, they decided she was worthy so to say.
Books are like paintings in many ways. The book is written in a manner that only the author truly understands. It’s no longer about a bunch of writers who aren’t good enough to get into the traditional publishing world; it’s about a group of people who are determined to be heard. What many people fail to understand is that the publishing world is a lot like the real world. Sometimes something as little as a name, can be the reason why a manuscript is thrown away. You will never hear me tell you that someone isn’t good enough to be published; however I will tell you that in order to stay published you need to keep writing.
Don’t fall into depression if your work is critically critiqued. Think of it as a learning moment. Most of all don’t get down, and try to keep a level mind about things. For every person that tells you he hates your book, there could be someone out there who feels totally opposite. Get a blog up and going! Let your readers know who you are, and then you can reach them. As a self published author you hold the keys to your own future.  

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