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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Out With the Old

I have a quest for you. This week read a book from someone new. I was guilty of reading books from only a select group of authors. In the past I tried to branch out and try new authors, but I was very closed minded. At times I would pick up books by new authors only to end up closing them because I judged them by the authors I read before. I had to understand the importance of respecting different styles of writing. So I picked up a book from Juliet Marillier, and fell in love all over again. Nothing excites me more than reading a good story. As an author I think it’s important to read different types of work…or at least different authors.
Newly published, self published authors try to keep your head up. There are a number of authors that started out as self published and they are doing great things today. It isn’t about reaching a million people in our first year, it is about gaining a fan base. I know there have been threads asking why do we self publish, why do we promote, and why do we even exist. The answer is simple…The spirit of America is about attaining the ultimate dream. You can get the results you want, you only need to believe in yourself. When we are young we never see those lines that are placed before us. When we grow older some of us see those lines and quit trying. If you stop pushing for your goal you will never know how far you can go.
Above all remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t get caught up in the negative reviews. I know sometimes we can hear things that hurt us, but let the pain motivate you. Don’t let the harsh words push you into giving up on your dreams. I learned a long time ago; if you let people’s opinions of you become you… you let them win. Believe in yourself. No matter what the issue is, or what you feel might happen. Believe in your talents, and above all never give in to negativity.

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