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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heart of the Curse is finally selling in the UK

Today I’m ranked #15,411 Paid in Kindle Store for the UK. I was afraid of the reaction from the UK on this book because it deals with a problem that lives inside the UK and surrounding countries. I wrote it for two reasons. One was because I wanted to give my daughter something she would enjoy. The other reason was because I wanted to show people that we are all similar in some ways. Just the fact that you have started buying this book means the world to me. It’s about hope, luck, and most of all roots. We are all connected to something, or someone. So, If you haven’t got a chance to read it..Please do so now. Tell a friend about it. As always, I am so happy that the UK has my back creatively. I have sold more books across the board in the UK than in America. I love you all, and just like the people here are my family…so are you guys. Good night. Thanks for all the kind thoughts.
The Heart of the Curse (The Gypsy Squad) by S.B. Santiago

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