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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Morning

Well as some of you know I applied with the DISD yesterday. I have applied so many places, but I think maybe I might have a chance. I don't know why I feel it, but something has to work out right. I have applied so many places. I even joked about calling Alaska and begging for my spot back as Assistant Director. I have come to terms with, maybe God didn't want us there. However in the back of my mind I will always wonder what if I could have stayed with the position. I guess one the real factors that made me come to Texas, was the fact that my mother begged me not to go to Germany. I did, and soon after she died.
It was hard for me to turn down my job, but everyone was telling that my father was nearly having a heart attack because of me going there. I would have been there alone for at least two months before my husband and children would have come. I tried to talk to dad about it, but he was really closed to the idea. I still think if a certain sister of mine would have let me tell him, he would have been okay. Grant it my way of telling would have been a lot different than her way. It would have been like “Hey dad, How are you? I just wanted you to know I’m all settled in at my new job, and it’s in Alaska” …too bad that didn’t happen. After she told him I got this call..and he was like have you lost your fk…ing mind?

So, I spent about a month trying to calm him down, mean while my sisters are telling me about how worried
he was, hi girlfriend, my aunt all telling me he was almost near his death bed. SO, I came here. I have mixed emotions about being here. My husband has a job, but I can’t find one. We lived with family for a while. It was very hard. We ended up buying all the food, and helping out to the point that we really couldn’t take care of our own needs. I didn’t know what it was like to buy chicken, roast, steak..because we were taking care of the entire food bill for the whole house. Sometimes my husband and I didn’t eat for days because the kids needed the food more. It was horrid. My sister would come home talking about having Subway, and I’m thinking that’s great….

Finally we were like if we are ever going to get back on our feet we need to move out of here. So, we found an apartment, and my husband applied for food stamps. I didn’t want to get them to be honest, but my husband was like babe I’m a vet I spent 14 years in the Army if anyone deserves a little help it’s us. He works so hard, and his over time was a complete joke. Out of 200 dollars of over time taxes took nearly 70 dollars away. Once his retirement, 401k and medical came out his check of 2100 was shot down to 1500 a month. He is using his GI bill to finish his degree. Everyone keeps telling him that he needs to go to the VA see if we can get his disability rating changed because he had back surgery for an accident that happened when he was training for Iraq. His back was hurt in two places. One of the places they didn’t want to do surgery , but they said later they might have to. So, he did what he had to do to help his family. I was a little mad he went behind my back, but now I’m kinda glad he did it. We took Alison back to the doctor last week he told us, we need to increase her proteins and cut back on juice and milk. Her weight is still kinda low below normal. She is five and very slim. The food stamps have allowed us to get real food. When we were paying and living with my sister we had to shop for 8 people. There was no way we could buy enough food or offer seconds.

So if you are wondering what jobs I applied for I have applied for Customer Service jobs, Substitute Teaching, Teaching assistant, Star Bucks, AAFES ,GM, Job Coach, Child Support Tech, Office Assistant, Receptionist, Rehabilitation Assistant, and a store clerk. Not to mention that I have even tried to get jobs with Kelly Service, and Goodwill.. The funny thing is under all the jobs I have sent out at least nearly a hundred resumes to the companies or the positions above …I applied for as many of the openings as were listed at the time, so if the Customer Service position had ten openings I applied for all ten. So on with everything else that was in my area. I have only received one interview. However I just applied with DISD this weekend…so maybe this week I will hear about something.
I guess I’ll get off now and apply with the YMCA. Wish me luck.

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