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Monday, August 22, 2011

Alison’s first day was a no show.

Late last night Alison started vomiting up a storm. We took her to the doctor and it turns out she has strep throat. So, now she has been on meds all day. She is still lethargic. I’m starting to feel a little fearful of her kindergarten year now. Apparently she is still very susceptible when it comes to catching things. She caught strep throat at the Doctor’s office on Saturday. Well at least that is what I think. She was fine until then. My husband let her play with toys that the other sick children were playing with. If anything can be learned from the situation let it be…don’t let your children play with toys in a doctor’s office that happens to be full of sick children. Germs are everywhere.  Just one touch of a toy that was touched by a sick child can spread nasty little germs that create havoc.  Perhaps we should rethink toys in pediatric clinics or offer two sitting areas..

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