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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Follow me!

If you would like to get updates on my blog and know what I'm thinking follow me. I would love to learn about you guys. I don't know if it is allowed in the blogging arena, but this is my blog. So, you can post a reply and tell me where you are from if you like. If not it's okay! I know where a lot of you are from anyway! So I will go to bed soon, my husband and the kids are looking at Dragon Ball Z. I'm more into the Smurfs, Pound Puppies, Gummie Bears! Yeah I know they don't come on anymore. However they were awesome! I loved looked at the Paw Paws and Rainbow Bright when I was young. I miss the feel of tar underneath my feet. I would walk down the road and step on every little tar bubble I could find. Most of the time I was walking down the road singing to the trees about honeysuckle. Yeah I know don't ask! The outdoors made me feel free. Anyway, I'm not staying up much longer I can feel myself growing tired. I like our new place a  lot. A lady from across the lot kinda scared me..she walked all the way to the end to ask me for smokes. I don't oh well. Well, I hate to leave you, but I have to go..Good night.

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