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Monday, June 27, 2011

Why I write on race...

Within my blog you will find a few post helping to bring the awareness of hate and the effect on our children. My book Heart of the Curse deals with the issues of the gypsy people. One of the things many people don't understand about hate is that hate comes from fear. We would like to say that we live in a world free of hate and issues. However that isn't the truth. We judge people everyday in some type of way. It doesn't have to be on race, it can be on religion, economic status, or looks. As parents we are the main teachers of social tolerance to our children. Our children will react to situations the way we teach them to react. If we see a homeless person and say look at that bum then what will our children say in a similar situation? I'm glad that my children are free of hate. However, I have noticed a small amount of intolerance from my teenage daughter when it comes to some races. I correct it when I see it, and I tell her that we are all the same . You see we can't weed out the lack of moral values that others might or might not teach their children. However, we can continue to reroute the ugly when it shows its head.

I have often wondered about the children who had to look at the BBQ killings of black people. I pray for their souls, and I hope they are okay. As horrible as the murder was, the parents who made their children come to those events should have been jailed for life. America has a horrid history on hate. Do you know how many people would show up for these killings? Sometimes hundreds or thousands would attend the murdering freak show. As much as I hated looking at the pictures of the black men who hung of the poles burnt to a crisp. I hated seeing the pictures of the children in the crowds. I wonder where the children are? I wonder if they are okay? No child should have to see such a horrid thing. No parent should teach hate no matter the reason. So, I guess the thought of the day is....what do you teach? Do you teach your children how to be good people, or do you teach them how to hate?

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