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Monday, June 13, 2011

When communities cross

I had a little time to think about Taz and the wolves. I can recall twenty years ago when everything just seemed it fit in its own place when it came to nature. I grew up in the country, so hearing sounds at night wasn’t that big of a deal. However, when I went back to visit I found out that the country is changing and it’s because we are taking away the habitat of animals, and forcing them to move into our communities. In the case of the wolves I would have to wonder about their food supply. They are getting closer and closer to homes. While I was sitting outside with my father and our dog Zoey, I noticed she ran towards the end of the street.  Already being on alert because of the death of Taz I ran in the house and got my gun. After a few minutes Zoey stopped barking and the creature went away. Dad tells me that the only thing is saving her is the fact that she is spayed. He said the wolves can’t smell her. I’m not sure what that means, but I hope it means the wolves will leave her alone.  
Taz and Zoey grew up together. I purchased Zoey after Jon went to Afghanistan about four years ago. I soon figured out that she was lonely, so I did what any loving owner would do. I ran out and found her a companion. Taz was her partner in crime. When it came time for us to move from Savannah I didn’t want to take my dogs to El Paso. I took them to my fathers. We have about 12 acres of land and a pond, so it was heaven for Zoey. When she was a small pup I would take her to the lake in Savannah, and throw a ball into the water. She would run in and grab it most of the time. However, after I had been going there for months I found out an alligator lived in the area. I no longer took Zoey to the lake after that. SO you can only imagine how happy she was when she moved in with my dad. She loves to run down to the pond and get wet.
Every time we go home I try to bring a toy with me, but this last time she seemed so sad. She didn’t have her Taz anymore. Taz was the worse little joker in the world. He would bring horse bones, deer bones, cow heads, and anything else he could find in the yard. Every time my dad would turn his back to him, he would poke him in the butt with his nose. I would love to bring her home with me once we get a place, but  I know my dad is lonely. He treats her like a child. Soon she will get a new companion, and by that time I hope the wolves will be gone. I have never wanted to kill anything, but if I am there and they try to kill my dog…..I will shoot them. When the path of the wide crosses the path with human communities…it is never good.

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