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Monday, June 13, 2011

My dog Taz was killed by wolves.

This is for Taz...We miss you. I hope your story hasn't ended.

Silently Tory looked out into the darkness and called once more for her beloved Tazz. She started to worry about the where a bouts of her friend. It wasn’t like Taz to stay off for more than a few hours at a time. She could hear the wolves howling in the background, but still there was no sound of her dog Taz.
               “ Come on back into this house before one of those wolves gets you.” Her father yelled as he sat on the small sofa that sat adjacent to the door.
Still Tory couldn’t seem to pull herself away from the porch. Perhaps if she called out once more she thought as she opened her mouth to scream his name. Right before she could get the T out of her mouth she saw a large dark animal walk into the yard. He was bigger than a dog, yet his eyes seemed different. He didn’t growl, or make a sound he just stood at the beginning of the yard.
               “ I need your gun.” Tory yelled, as she ran into the house and yanked a gun from the corner.

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