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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Morning, I sent my resume out to Kelly Services this morning.

So, maybe I will hear something today. One can only hope. The internet can be your friend if you know how to use it. I noticed some of you were looking at the post dealing with the cover for the Luck of the Curse. It isn't for sale right now, I took it off sale to work on it. I wrote Luck of the Curse for Alexis, and so far people like it on Book Country. I guess the whole idea of the book was centered around the events we saw unfold. We didn't see any ghost or have a curse placed on us! However, it feels like sometimes life can put spells on us! So, if you would like to read it go to Book Right now, I working on it again. At the end of the day I want it to reach children. So, I need to make sure they will enjoy it and get the message that it's okay when hard times come. They need to understand that sometimes bad things happen, but with help from friends and people who care about us we are able to get back up and try again.

I'm having a cup of coffee this morning. I haven't had one in a week! So I give in. The coffee wins again! If you haven't seen the paperback cover for The Vampire's Salvation I will show it to you. It looks a lot different from the e-book cover. The cover shows the daughter.

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