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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spending for the hope of a better economy.

Nobody wants to hear the truth. I mentioned the phrase stop spending and all heck broke out. Why don't we look at how spending works out. I live in Texas, and about a yr ago some of the school districts gave bonuses and raises to their teachers. One city in particular gave a little more than the others. Okay about two months ago this same city found out that they would have to cut several jobs because they really couldn’t afford the raises and bonuses that they handed out. The other cities around this one city didn’t need to cut anyone because they spent within their means. It’s simple if you have 5000 a month would you go out and spend 10000? I know everyone wants to see things turn around, but in the end it will create problems. America is too important to the economic stabilizat­ion of the world to fall because of wishful thinking. Some of these programs need to be trimmed. I’m sorry , but one we could trim is welfare. Not only that, but we could also gain from sending the troops back here and out of the war zones. Taxes will be needed in order to help get us out of this mess, and it sucks. Yet we have to create a method to get more money flowing into the economy, not out.

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