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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I need your help.

I need someone to tell me what they feel about my book The Vampire's Salvation. I don't have any previews yet, and it is really bothering me. I want to be more than just a writer. I want to be a great writer, but in order for that to happen I have to have my highs and lows. Trust me it's scary to ask for reviews. However, if I ever want to be great at this I need the good and the bad. Sometimes people are too kind, and it can hurt people in the long run. So, I'm going to do something different tonight. I'm posting my whole book on this blog. I need you guys to tell me what you think. I hope you all have a great night.

The Vampire's Salvation by S.B.

“Are you telling me that someone has betrayed the poor girl?” Sister Kara asked, as she nervously bit down on her lower lip.

“I’m telling you that you have to get her out of that convent now. I don't care what you have to do as long as you move her.” The cloaked stranger said, as he looked around the ruins. “ She has been here too long in my opinion. If she were my daughter I would have taken her with me at birth. However, I’m not Darrkov. He has his own plans, and now he plans to have his child with him.” Kara didn’t know what to do. She wanted to keep Alexis at the convent a little longer. However, she couldn’t risk Alexis getting captured by the locals. Alexis had been the daughter she never got a chance to have.

“What about her father? Does he know of this yet?” Sister Kara questioned, as she turned to face the stranger.

“Of course he knows. Why do you think I'm here?” The stranger scoffed , as he vanished into air. “By the way, he wants you to give her the stone. This land is no longer safe. If she isn't here in a week we will declare war on this land.”

“I thought the stone was for her to use when she turns eighteen. Surely he doesn’t mean for her to leave Ida Strauss this soon, does he? This is the only home she has ever had.” Kara said, as she looked near the ruins.
As Kara studied the elf, she secretly wondered why the king picked to send someone to them that didn’t know of the human realm. Oddly enough the other elves seemed to know the realm far better than this oddly shaped figure before her. He didn’t look like the king or the others as well. His hair was dark, and his skin seemed to be nearly bronze.
His hands were large, and his eyes seemed to sink into his head.
“These are nothing like the ruins we have in Arlexon. Arlexon has ruins that reach into the sky. All I see around here are ruins with no purpose. I don’t understand how anyone could want to live somewhere that holds so little color. When I was walking in your garden I didn’t see anything other than green bushes. At least I will give you this much, your trees are neatly planted in rows. However, I don’t see any animals. Why do you humans kill everything? We don’t eat our animals. It doesn’t really matter because I am here on business. The king wants Alexis with him, she is needed with her own kind.” The stranger stated, as he looked Kara over for emotion.

“Her own kind! Her mother told me how she ended up getting pregnant. You guys took something she wanted and gave it to her for a minute. As soon as the deed was done you separated them. I believe that you separated them because you didn’t want her near her mother. You want to make sure the vampire inside of her is dead. Only you forget that you can’t take away who she is. She might not understand fully who she is yet, but one day she will.

Kara looked down at the stone. She wouldn't be bullied into sending the girl to a family that she didn't know. Indeed she would give her the stone, but she wouldn't tell her about the threat. Now she would have to find Alexis and get her out of the area before the clerics arrived.

“Sister Kara, is Alexis around? I need her to help me wash the clothes by the river.” Sister Nina stated, as she walked around the corner.

“I will look for her, but I think Alexis will be at the gathering with everyone else at this hour.” Sister Kara stated, as she rushed down the hall.

When Sister Kara made it to the room everyone including the local clerics were waiting. Alexis was leaning on a large pillar. Sister Kara's only hope was to isolate the child, but how could she do it in front of the group. All a sudden she noticed a nice size rock behind Alexis. She slowly edged her way to the rock and picked it up. When everyone started to sing she would get Alexis's attention.

“Wake up! Run! Run now Alexis.” Shouted, the old woman as frantically pulled her cloak off and placed in on the bottom of the ground.

Alexis slowly lifted her heavy limbs from the wet sticky ground beneath her. Everything was blurry. She could not make out any signs or faces. She looked in the direction of the small woman once more, but still her face seemed unrecognizable. She ran her hands over her face, trying to push away the confusion.

“Where am I?” Alexis questioned, as she held onto a small branch that dangled from a tree.

The woman looked on at the child and then she glanced back in fear. She couldn’t sit back and watch a child be killed because of her mother’s identity. It didn’t matter to her that the child was a vampire, it only mattered that she was innocent.

“Look, you must get as far from this town as possible. I need you to listen to me. Two villages down the path you will find an old tavern called Crook. Go into the tavern and tell them you wish to seek out a room for the night. Tell them you want to look the rooms over before you decide to stay there. Once you’re in, you will find a small room in the back with a long scratch on the left side of the door. Go into that room, and you will find a small key under the table. Once you get the key tell them you changed your mind, and you think you want to continue looking. Take the key and travel down the road to an old abandoned shack. Go into the shack and stay two days. After two days, they will think you are gone and they will no longer be looking for you here. At that time you will need to take whatever goods you can find and leave this area or you will die.” The woman said, as she held onto Alexis.

The voice of the lady was starting to register. It was Sister Kara. Why were they no longer at the convent Alexis thought as she tried to regain full conscience? By this time her eyes were clear she could tell that something was very wrong.

“What are you talking about? Are we playing another game? I swear we do this a little too often. This time you guys went a little too far. You hit me over the head.” Alexis said, as she started to laugh.

Sister Kara didn’t return her smile. She looked pale, and her mouth was shivering. It didn’t take long until Alexis was able to pick up on something. It was something bad. She backed up and glared at the sister.

“We aren’t practicing this time are we? You said I wouldn’t have to worry about the others finding me until I reached eighteen. I’m only fifteen. Why are they here? Did they find me? I thought you said they couldn’t reach me yet?” Alexis said, as she rushed towards the sister.

“It’s not them love, someone has tipped off the clerics in the surrounding areas. As we speak they are on their way here to take you, and do who knows what. It was someone within our walls. The only way I could get you away from the others was by accidentally knocking you out in front of them all. Once they saw you fall to the floor they came running and we carried you to your room. Once everyone left, I stayed behind and I managed to drag you here. All by myself, you aren’t as small as you look either.” The sister claimed, as she rubbed her back once again.

“We have a traitor in the sisterhood?” Alexis questioned, as she held onto her chest.

“I’m afraid we do. I don’t know who it is Alexis. I only know they are coming, and a close friend of mine told me the reason why.” Kara said, as she kicked a small rock into the dirt.

“Are you ever going to tell me who this friend is?” Alexis asked, as she started to cry? “You can at least tell me that, since I can no longer stay with you. Where will I go after two days? I don’t know anyone on the outside. You guys have raised me from birth.”

Kara reached into her pocket and took out a small square stone. She was told to use the stone when Alexis was eighteen, but perhaps she would leave that up to Alexis.

“This is the stone of Arlexon .You belong to two worlds Alexis. Arlexon is a land that is very different from ours. You know that your mother was a vampire, and your father is an Elf King. However what you don’t know is that evil things are happening in all of the realms that have anything to do with your birth.” Kara said, as she gave the small stone to the girl.

“What, you can’t just tell me that and say go. You have to explain it to me. You can’t just drop that in my lap and act like it’s okay.” Alexis said, as she started to cry loudly.

“Alexis, stop it! Do you want them to see you? You can’t do this right now or they will hear you. We don’t know who the traitor is. Anyone could be looking for you if not lurking in the woods. You will find out more about whom you are when you reach the shack, but for now you must go.” Kara said, as she turned her back and started to walk away.

Kara knew the clerics weren't far, but she couldn't just let her go without thinking she cared. She needed to tell her the truth about everything. As she turned to face Alexis one last time. She decided that today would be the day that Alexis learned about her arrival to the convent.
“Alexis, this is very dangerous, but I will tell you all I know. A few sisters and I were out looking for clams one day. As we walked closer to the water we saw a lady on the ground. Well at first we wanted to run, but Sister Leah directed us over to the lady. As soon as we placed her on her back we saw she was pregnant. It was uncommon for this isle to get visitors, but it was even more uncommon to see a pregnant woman. We were picking her up, and placing her into the wagon when her mouth opened. She had fangs. Only Sister Leah and I saw the fangs. We rushed her to the convent and kept an eye on her. Vampires can't go on sacred ground, but she was able to. We thought that it was because she was with so many of us, but as time went by she proved to be most different. She never fed on anything other than normal food. She was happy, and everything seemed great until your birth came. After she gave birth to you your father came. He talked about a war, and the need to keep you hidden from everyone until the time was right. As long as she had you within her the other vampires couldn't track her. However once she gave birth they would be able to feel her and find you both. So the only way she thought she could protect you was by leaving with your father.” The sister stated, as tears started to blind her eyes.

Alexis looked on in silence. She often wondered why she was never allowed to leave the convent. When the new sisters arrived and asked her about family she couldn’t give them any answers. In truth she didn't know what to tell them other than the sisters were her family. They were her only family, and now she would be alone.

“It’s not that I don't want to be with you. It's not that I don't love you. It's just I made an oath, and I have to keep that oath. I trust that you will be okay, and I also feel that everything has happened for a reason.” Stated the sister as she walked away,

“So, I guess that’s it. You’re going to just walk away from me just like my parents did. You can’t even look at me. What if I can’t do this alone? Nobody seems to care right. I don't know how to be a vampire, so why am I so dangerous? ” Alexis yelled, as she stood in her puddle of tears.

Slowly she turned and looked at the road. It was the largest road she had ever seen. In the past the road looked warm and friendly. Today as Alexis gazed down that same road it looked long and freighting. It took a while for her to make her first step. She wondered how she would be able to move at all, but her feet knew more than her heart. Perhaps she would learn why the clerics wanted her dead.

Chapter 2

Hayden didn’t know what to do. He was sent to spy on the sister and the girl. Yet, if it were really true that she was half elf, then she couldn’t be all evil he thought as he struggled free from the vine. There hadn’t been any deaths talked about near any of the villages. He had been watching her for nearly three moons now, and he couldn’t see anything that led him to believe she was evil. Furthermore, what bothered him the most was the fact that his findings weren’t good enough for his brothers. They still planned to kill her. He knew they were close because he could feel uneasiness in his heart. He looked back towards the town, and then he looked at Alexis as she slowly walked down the path.

She didn't act like a person in danger he thought as he watched her stop to grab something from the side of the road. The more he watched her the more he understood that she was helpless. She didn't know anything about being who she was, in many ways everything she knew now meant nothing. Perhaps, if the clerics could see this about her they wouldn't be scared.

“You are going to get caught if you don’t hurry up.” Hayden said, as he grabbed Alexis and started dragging her down the road.

“Hey, Hey, Hey, what are you doing? Let me go!” Alexis yelled, as she felt his hand slam over her mouth.

“Hush, do you want to die? I mean really do you want to die? These people are not playing with you. The sister told you what they plan to do, and yet you walk slow like a turtle. You drag your feet like some large rock is tied to your ankles.” Hayden said, as he tried to keep from yelling.

“Well can you at least tell me who you are before you start giving direction where it isn't needed?” Alexis asked, as she tried to keep up with his pace.

“We will talk about that after you get the key, and we are at the safe house.” Hayden answered, as he took his long cloak off and placed it around the girl.

After many hours into the journey they came upon the tavern that the sister told her about. The Inn was small and quaint yet it held a bit of charisma to it. The tavern didn’t have any large signs that hung above the door, but someone had taken the time to scratch an almost knowledgeable looking name into the wood around the window. The tavern did not appear to offer much more than the basic facilities needed to get a journeyman up and back on his way.

“So, I guess this is the place she is talking about.” Alexis said, as she turned to Hayden.

Hayden looked at the Tavern and then he looked back at the girl. Silently he wondered if she would be able gain entry into the tavern. She was after all a young girl. He couldn’t risk her being caught or himself either at this point. He would be put to death right beside her if they were caught.

“Alexis, I need you to just shake your head and follow me. They aren’t going to let you in because you look younger than your age of fifteen. However, if I pose as your brother, we can make this work. I need you to do what I do.” Hayden said, as he walked Alexis over towards the door.

The Inn was different from most of the buildings that were back in their old town. It was not only made of wood, but it also had stones that seemed too melt in with the foundation. It was a cross between somewhat fancy, and somewhat poor. It didn’t really fit in for a small tavern so far from any port city. A small linen closet set behind the barkeeper. The tavern was overly clean, but yet it held an odor of smoke. The colors that stuck out the most were blue and green because they were the two colors that seemed to envelope the small bar. As Hayden came near the barkeeper he developed a rather unbearable itch. It was his stress indicator. Whenever he was about to lie, or do something he was afraid of he always itched.

As the barkeeper came near him his itching increased with speed. Hayden found him unable to move or talk. Alexis looked on in fear. She knew the plan, and from the looks of it Hayden wasn’t going to recover anytime soon.

“Mister, we are looking for a room. As you can tell my brother is very sick, and aw well he needs to take his medicine at once. They aren’t normal medicines. I have to well, how do I say it? I have to stick them up his bottom. Sometimes he gets really fussy about it, so we need privacy before he starts vomiting all over your floor. Can I look upstairs and see if you have something we can use?” Alexis asked, as Hayden continued itching.
The bartender looked in absolute shock. He turned toward Hayden and acted as if a smell had already released into the air. It would have been funny if the situation wasn’t so dire. Alexis thought as she entered the stairway.

As they walked up the stairs his itching seemed to die down. He found himself embarrassed by it all. Alexis never skipped a beat. She continued until she found the door with the scratch. As she slowly opened the door she noticed the room was small, but it was clean. There was a pitcher set aside for washing and a small wooden cup nearby on a small wooden table. She slowly walked up to the table and placed her finger under it. It took a few seconds but at last she found the key. Quickly she placed the key into her pocket and rushed out the door.
Chapter 3

It wasn’t long before that they reached the shack. It wasn’t like a shack at all. It was small, but it looked like an out dated cottage. Alexis looked around hoping to find anything, but the only thing she could find was old dusty rags. As she walked towards the back of the cottage she found a small window that was sealed shut.

“Well, can you tell me what’s going on?” Alexis asked, as she walked back towards Hayden.

He looked at her and wondered if she would be able to understand everything. He still couldn’t understand everything and he was nineteen. He thought about everything that he was told, and how she was evil. Yet, looking at her and talking to her made him feel sure of the opposite. She didn’t have any signs of being vampire. She could walk in the sun, and she didn’t try to harm him. She held more color than he did. Her skin looked almost golden at time, and her eyes looked almost purple. She looked like a normal pretty girl, with long raven hair. As he continued to look at her he noticed a small blue line around the right side of her neck. Perhaps it was a birthmark he thought.

“We were first alerted about you two springs ago. I was tasked with the job of making sure the people were safe around you. If there were any killings in or around the convent I was told to kill you on sight.” Hayden said, as he watched Alexis mouth turn into a frown.

“You were sent to kill me!” Alexis said, as she glared at the cleric.

“Yes and no. I was sent to spy on you while they decided the course they wanted to take. I told them everything I saw, and I told them everything I heard.” Hayden said, as he ran his hand through his hair. “By all accords it should have cleared you, but they didn’t want my conclusion.”

“Why didn’t they want to believe you?” Alexis asked, as she sat on the floor.

“I think they wanted a reason, they don’t know you. They only know that you are here. They are scared that others will come because you are here.” Hayden said as he looked over towards the door.

Alexis was about to get up and follow him until she noticed a plank in the floor that was lifted just above the others. She crawled over to the plank and placed her hand under the wood. There she found a small sachet with letters on it and the name Clarissa. As Hayden continued talking she slowly opened the sachet and found a tiny ring, and a small necklace with a crystal in the center. She opened a small note that was in the bottom of the bag.

“Alexis if you are reading this then the war has begun. I know there is a lot of questions my love. I know you want to understand how and why this is happening. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I can’t be with you. However, this will explain it all. Your father the Elf King granted you a clip of the past. Within this vision you will come to understand everything. You will find out how you were created, and the dangers that await you. Please take this and know that I’m waiting for you my love.

I love you Mommy!

Alexis couldn’t do anything but look at the note once more. Why had her mother left her? Why was she talking about a war? Hayden noticed she was holding something, and by the look on her face it wasn’t just anything. Slowly he walked over towards her and knelt down onto the floor beside her.
He looked at the note she held in her hand. Then he saw the word war.

“War, what’s she talking about? You must use the clip. We have to know what she is talking about.” Hayden said, as he reached down and picked up a slender crystal clip.

“You understand the words as I do?” Alexis, said as she looked puzzled.

“Of course I do! The first thing we learn in training is how to understand writings. You can't read scrolls if you can't read. Everyone that has anything to do with the church knows about reading.” Hayden said, as he glanced towards the window.

“Well, that's nice, but I don’t know how to use the clip. Do I just put it in my hair? Alexis said, as she carefully opened the clip.

Hayden reached up and placed the clip into her hair and then both of them started to feel sleepy. The room started to spin, and then there was nothing but silence. They were in the dark, and there was nothing around them.

“Where are we?” Alexis said, as she looked around.

Hayden didn’t have the answer, but he didn’t think they needed to be talking. They weren’t near the convent or the small shack. He could tell that this place was very different, and that something was going on.

“Alexis, we should just listen and learn. Don’t talk.” Hayden said, as he walked into a smaller area that housed light.

Perhaps the more he learned about her the more he would be able to help her out. He needed solid proof that she was good. He didn't understand why the clerics didn’t think about the fact that vampires couldn't enter holy ground. However, she was able to live on it. Perhaps there was more to this situation than he knew. Either way he would find out everything he needed to know. He wanted to be knowledgeable about her past, and her future.

Chapter 4
“Why must you continue to make yourself so upset Clarissa? You know we can’t have offspring. Our bodies are dead for goodness sake. It’s the price we pay for being who we are.” Jonathan said, as he walked near the window.
“Jonathan, it hasn’t been done yet. Yet, is the key word. I know who we are, and I know we can’t be like we were in the old days. Yet, I still recall that I was before all of this took place. I was a good person. I’m still a good person, vampire, whatever you call me. I’m still good. I haven’t harmed anyone. After I was turned I did everything possible to prevent any deaths from occurring. Do you remember how hard it was for me when I first performed my first midwife duty? The first time the blood made me so crazy. I wanted to bathe in it; I wanted to drain every drop for the young mother. By the time I made it to the woods I was in such a bad state that my body gave out. I fell to the ground and lay there for several minutes. I was seeing things, hearing things all because of the craze that the blood caused. After I was able to gain strength I drained old blood from the linen. I was amazed at the amount of blood. There was so much blood. I knew it was a sign. It was a sign that I didn’t need to kill people. It was my way out of being a killing machine. Soon after the second birth came I was able to capture some of the left over blood and contain it, for later use. It was hard but I learned how to store, and capture everything so I didn’t need to kill. I haven’t hurt a soul. I’m the only vampire I know that learned how to discipline myself without killing. You might think I’m crazy, but I did it by prayer. I will always think that is the reason.” Clarissa said, as she walked near the door.

Hayden was so startled by the vampire’s claim that he nearly fell to the floor. How could she pray? He looked back at Alexis who now seemed to be in a trance. Her mother wasn’t this monster that the clerics made her out to be. She was a vampire will a heart, a vampire that practiced faith. He quickly gathered his thoughts about him and continued to listen and learn.

“I’m going outside, and I don’t plan on coming back soon. So, don’t be alarmed if I take a while. I might go check on Mrs. Stemmons and see how she and the child are doing. More than likely I will go there. That baby is the cutest baby I’ve seen so far. ” Clarissa said, as she closed the door behind her.
“Please don’t take too long we have visitors tonight. Alters and the others are on their way as we speak.” Jonathan said as she dashed out the door.

“Where do you think she’s going?” Alexis asked, as she waited to see her mother again.

“I’m not sure, but she doesn’t seem really happy. Perhaps if the others knew this they wouldn’t hurt you.” Hayden said, as he walked towards the middle of the darkened space.

All a sudden the room went black again and the sounds changed. Both Alexis and Hayden found themselves wondering what they would see next. Hayden looked over at Alexis and noticed the blue line growing upward towards her face. Her skin was glowing in the dark. He didn’t want to say anything, but it was very odd.

“How can you see me?” Clarissa called out in the dark.

The group of cloaked strangers started laughing. She slowly came out of the shadows and walked over towards the group of strangers. Everyone seemed to be of good height, but they hid their faces. Silently she wondered if she had wandered into another clan’s killing hour. They didn’t seem to be upset, yet she couldn’t tell much because of the cloaks. As she started to back up she felt a small hand grab her by the wrist. The hand wasn’t cold. It was warm, and the touch seemed to soothe her skin as if it were a liquid blanket pouring heat down her body.

“Please, we don’t have long. I knew you would come. I have been watching you for many years.” Spoke the soft voice.

Clarissa withdrew her hand from the lady. She wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but she knew she had heard enough. Why had they watched her for years? It had to be the clan. Jonathan warned her of this. The clan had sent their guard after her. Her bones started to ache and she knew she must run for safety. As she turned to run a tall hooded stranger caught her mid stride. Again it was warmth that she felt. Yet they didn’t move like humans. She couldn’t smell blood.

“Let me go. I haven’t done anything.” Clarissa cried as the others came her way.

The group continued walking her way until the woman stood directly in front of them. She didn’t say a word she simply took her cloak off and pulled her white hair behind her pointy ears. As she stood there exposing her true image the others soon followed suit. The males took their cloaks down to their shoulders. They too had funny shaped ears. Yet their hair was short, and dark. Their skin glowed with a light flicker of blue around their necks.

“What are you? Why are you glowing?” Clarissa asked as she stopped fighting.

“I’m Queen Nora! I’m the ruler of Arlexon. Elves with sacred blood often glow. There beyond that border is a tiny rift that allows us to know what goes on in your realm. It has been told that your kind will attack our people. They well separate the elves as we know it. The blood that will be spill on our sacred ground will harm many. Right now we are as one group. Yet the elders told of a plan that is being plotted now even as we speak that will split us down the middle. Your kind will cause us to darken like never before. We have seen it in some of our kind already. This split has been here for centuries, and we haven’t been able to close it. Some of our elves have crossed here. Some have returned, while others never come back. The ones who do return are angry, and full of hate. If they stay within the bungalows they can usually be cured of the affliction. However, some don’t. A small band of dark elves have started to come up on the other side of the tear. They are too far gone within the affliction. We need a vassal to proceed over both the tainted blood, and the clean blood. If we can find a ruler who can demand allegiance to both sides, we can cure our brothers.” Nora said, as she came near Clarissa.
‘What about the vampires? What will happen to the others like me?”Clarissa, asked ,as she faced the elves.

“You are what you are. We can’t change you in that way. Yet if we can gain control over one, we might be able to gain control over all. Our elders have created something called a blood cylinder. The blood of both must freely flow in order to create a balance. However, it can’t be one elf and one vampire. It must be an offspring of an elf and vampire. The blood will flow into the caverns over Arlexon’s Imariin Springs. Then the waters will rejuvenate and the lands will be healthy once more. If at that time the vampires wish to live among the elves then it will be okay. Their blood will be bonded to the ground just as the elf. Which in return means all of the negative attributes that come with being a vampire will be no more? This is the only way we can make sure the gate is closed. We can’t close it from our side, and nor can you. It has to be the one with the sacred blood ties.” Nora stated as she held out her hand to a male elf.

“So, what do you want me to do?” Clarissa asked.

“You want a child. Yet, you are full of death. Elves represent life; sacred elves represent life and fertility. As we speak now, your male is at home with others plotting your future. You have a choice to make. You can either return or walk in the way of the vampire or you can get everything you want and desire by helping the elves. By this I mean they are preparing a feeding of some sort for you.” Nora said, in haste.

“No, never! Jonathan would never do that to me.” Clarissa cried, as she silently thought back to his plea for her return because of Alters and someone else. He was going to turn her into a killing machine. She suddenly felt ill. After all the prayers and good deeds this was her life. She would again have no say in her future.

Chapter 5

“I’m sorry! Clarissa I’m giving you something you didn’t have before. I’m giving you a choice. You can either save us all with your kindness, and love. Or you can lose it all tonight. Understand that after tonight you will be different. You will either be a prisoner of blood and wrath or you will be a prisoner of hope and protection.” Nora said as she walked near the rock.

Clarissa cried and hoped for a miracle. She didn’t want to do this. Yet she didn’t want to kill people either. She looked at the group of elves and a tall red headed elf appeared. As he walked up to her the others started going back into the dark. He was strangely handsome. His eyes seemed to be fixed on her. She wondered if he felt pity for her or disgust. In truth she had never considered how others felt about vampires. It wasn’t an issue. They were of the night. In most cases they were myths until it was too late.

“I’m sorry! I told my sister we could have done this an easier way. Yet, she wanted to meet you because she respects you more than any other. I’m Prince Darrkov. I know you. It was I who found you many years ago.” He stated, as he placed his hand onto her shoulder and looked into her eyes with so much sympathy. “I felt so sorry for you. You never gave up on your dreams or your values. I wondered how you would suppress it after the first night I saw you crying in agony. I wanted to walk away. Yet something in you cried out to me. After you fainted I placed a few drops of my blood onto the linen. My blood can kill a vampire. Yet I knew if I gave you just enough I could stop the cravings that I saw in others. I wasn’t sure. However, I was right.” Darrkov said as he held Clarissa close.
“So, in other words you are telling me that I have already been force fed. I have never been in control of anything. It was all a plot.” Clarissa said as she once again started to cry.

“You can look at it that way if you want. Yet it took real strength for you not to kill that woman and child. I saw the pain in your eyes. I saw your physical pain. I couldn’t let you go through that again. So, I did what I could to help you.” Darrkov said, as he hid his head from the light.
Alexis noticed tears swelling up in her eyes. Her parents are before her very eyes and she can’t touch them or call out them. This was too much, it was too hard.

“I don’t think I can look at the rest.” Alexis said, as she tried to pull away.

“You must. We need to know about the war, and who we are fighting.” Hayden said as he pleaded with his new friend.

Reluctantly Alexis went back near to the vision and continued to see and hear the story of her birth.

“You don’t have to worry about the negative side effects from being a vampire any longer. You carry my child now. She will protect you from everything, and after she can no longer stay within you I will protect you my love.” Darrkov said, as he kissed her on the forehead still trying to fight the feeling that they were being followed.

She would have to board the ship from the abandoned light house. It was safe and it offered her shelter. The other vampires wouldn’t dare come anywhere near the light. Yet, she was immune to the effects, so she would be fine until the boat arrived. She looked around the area trying to figure out how she would eat and what she would drink. There seemed to be plenty of fish nearby, but she didn’t see how she would be able to get fresh water.
“What will I drink?” Clarissa said as she walked to the middle of the small light house.

Darrkov took out a small stone, and placed it in her hand. He wanted her to be okay, even if it meant breaking the rules of his realm. She after all was carrying their future. Again he marveled at the sight of her. She was nothing like the others. Her meekness was her greatest strength, If only there was another way that he could have stayed and looked over her.

“Take this stone and place it within the waters near the lighthouse. It will give birth to more stones of its kind. The stones will cleanse the waters and the animals that swim near it. Then you will be able to eat and drink whatever your heart wishes for.” Darrkov said as he placed it in her hand.
Clarissa simply looked up at the elf and smiled. She didn’t miss Jonathan at all. Perhaps it was because he had betrayed her to the clan. He could never understand her. Perhaps it was because of Darrkov and his interference, but she felt like perhaps life was looking up for her. No matter what she would always be a vampire, but thanks to the elves and their ways she wouldn’t be like the others.
“Clarissa, I must go. I can’t stay any longer or the elves will send a small army into the rift. I can’t have that happen yet. You are strong, and I know you will be okay.” Darrkov said, as he kissed her on the head once more before he went away.

It wasn’t long before a small boat came to the nearby island. The boat was small, and narrow. The sailor didn’t ask any questions, he didn’t even ask for money. He simply waited for Clarissa to come on board and then he sailed back in the direction he came from. The waters were calm and clear until they got further out to sea. Clarissa had never been on a boat before, so the sounds of the waves rushing up against the sides of the boat sent chills down her arms. The rocking of the boat was a sensation that she never felt before. There were so many creatures that lived in the sea. On one side of the boat she could see small dolphins playing in the water, on the other side she could see strange fish swimming back and forth. Finally after they had been sailing for a while the night came. The weather wasn’t bad, yet the boat wasn’t comfortable for overnight stays. She tried so hard to get comfortable the first night, but it seemed almost impossible. Then on the second night she found something strange.

“Here comes the vortex. Hold on.” Yelled, the sailor as he and the crew held onto the boat for dear life.

Clarissa turned to see a large vortex wildly spinning in their direction. Before she had time to move they found themselves dead in the middle of the vortex. It had all happened too fast. She didn’t have time to grab on to anything and the strength of the waves sent her flying into the water. She couldn’t swim, and she could feel horrible pains in her back. No, she thought as she cried. She was going to lose the baby, and be lost at sea. Another large wave came and then she felt herself being carried further into the sea perhaps the ocean. This time is was more than she could bear.
“Is she okay?” Asked an old lady.
The two sisters looked at her and then they looked back at their small wagon. Perhaps they would just take the lady to the convent. Yet outsiders weren’t allowed. She looked so pale, and thin. As they rolled her over they noticed she had a small rising in her stomach. Both ladies looked at each other and gasped.
“Do you think the baby is alive?” Asked the older old woman.

Chapter 6

Suddenly everything started going back to normal. The darkness of the small shack turned into light. Everything looked the same, but the only difference was the day had now passed over to the night. They both stood up and looked outside the small window.

“So, vampires are coming here.” Hayden said, as he felt a chill go up his spine.

“I don’t think we saw that.” Alexis stated, as she nervously bit her lip.

“We didn’t have to see it. They were being followed and your father knew it. The question is where the vampires are and are they here yet?” Hayden said, as he slides down beside the wall.

“Are you regretting saving me?” Alexis asked, as she tried to read his face.

“I think we need to rest, and just concentrate on getting out of here alive.” Hayden said, as he continued to worry.

The sun continued to melt down into the ground as they slept. Alexis found herself having nightmares. Every time she closed her eyes she would be awaken by her dreams.

“You can’t come yet daughter. There is something you need to do. You can change the vampires.” Whispered, Carissa.

Alexis woke up once again. Why was she dreaming about her mother? Perhaps, it was because she would give anything to talk to her. If ever she needed her mother it was now she thought as she pulled the dusty blanket up to her chin. Before she knew it the time for resting was no more.

“I think we should go now before the sun comes up.” Hayden said, as he grabbed the dusty blankets to place them back into the cupboard.

As he was looking for his cloak he heard voices outdoors. He looked at Alexis and they both froze in silence. The clerics had found them and now they would both be killed. Hayden looked at the scared girl and wondered why anyone would want to see her dead. The door flew open and the group of cloaked men appeared.

“Brother Hayden, why did you betray us for this creature?” Asked, the elder cleric.

“I didn’t betray you. I wanted to know the truth.” Hayden said, as he tried to figure out how he and Alexis could escape.

The cleric looked at Alexis and noticed that she had blue writing on her neck. How was she able to travel in the day he thought as he neared her? The closer he got to her the more he started to notice other
features that the boy had left out. She had pointed ears, and her eyes changed colors.

“Do you know who you are girl?” Asked, the cleric as he stood near her.

Alexis only looked on in silence. She wasn’t going to tell him anything. She could feel something building up inside of her, but she didn’t want to give way to the odd feeling. She turned and walked
Toward the window.

“Do you not hear me girl?” The cleric asked, once again.
Hayden didn’t know what to say, he didn’t want to tell them everything about her, but it might be the only way to save her. Before he could make up his mind he noticed more men were outside their small shack. However these men were not with the cleric and they were advancing rather fast.

The elder cleric turned around in fear as the vampire grabbed onto his shoulder. Four tall vampires entered the room one by one. They looked at the humans and then they looked at Alexis.

“She belongs to us.” Snarled, an odd voice as he pushed the cleric towards the floor.

It was too late Alexis and Hayden were outnumbered. The vampires were on one side and the clerics were on the other. Oddly the vampires didn’t move to harm anyone. They didn’t harm anyone at all, yet they held everyone captive until they reached Alexis. The tall one looked down and her and smiled. So this was the legend. She was the daughter of a vampire. She would be able to create life within their race. It was a new day, a day of hope. Perhaps her blood could help others like them, and if that were so, they could cross over into the elf realm. The elf prince would pay dearly for interfering with the vampires and their ways of living.

“What are you going to do to me?” Alexis questioned, as she looked at the vampires.

The vampire looked at her once more. Perhaps she didn’t understand it. She would never be harmed. She was their symbol of life, and hope. If anything tonight they were standing in the presence of something very different than before. She was a born queen, not only to the elves but to the vampires as well. Under her nations would be built, and races would be redeemed.

He looked back at the clerics. They had lost pretty much all of their color by now. He and the other vampires started to laugh. He then walked into the center of the group and held out one hand.

“This is my one and last jester of kindness to you because of you helped Alexis. However, if you ever come after her again, I promise you everything you care about including yourself will die. Leave this place, and go back to your homes, and we are watching. You are to never tell anyone about us, and again we are watching.” The vampire stated, as he watched them men run out the door.

Alexis and Hayden looked at each other in fear. The vampires were standing near them talking amongst each other as if they weren’t in the room. They didn’t look so fearful. They were tall, yet they didn’t have scars. They didn’t smell dead Alexis thought as she inched over towards one that stood in the corner.

“It’s been a long time. We have looked for you forever. Your birth has meant a great deal to the vampires. In a way you are our hope. There are others who hunt you, but for the ones of us that want to live as your mother did. We will risk our lives for you, and we will always be in your debt.” Stated the vampire as he and the others rushed her out of the building.

Once they got out of the shack they took off on their horses. It wasn’t long until they came upon a mist. The mist grew higher and higher until everyone and everything was completely covered. In a matter of seconds a new opening was found. The path ran up the side of a mountain. As they neared the top of the mountain Alexis saw what looked to be a cathedral built within the side of the church.

“How are you able to live here? Alexis said, as she looked at the others.

“We have been here for almost two falls now. This land is different than our home. In Nordian we couldn’t go onto holy ground. However, here we can go anywhere we wish. It’s odd everything seems to be different. As a matter of fact it’s so different that we wish to stay here and live amongst the inhabitants of this land.” Stated, the young vampire as he looked towards the shadows.

As Jonathan came from behind the shadows he wasn’t sure what kind of reaction he would get. He wanted her to feel at home with the others. That was the reason he picked the cathedral as a home. In his heart he knew that his Clarissa made the right decision for herself. He had never forgiven himself for giving the elders the information they needed to change her. Inwardly he was happy she got away. Yet, she didn’t understand that she had did something more than just give birth. She had given birth to hope.

“Your mother was a special woman, and we learned to live as she did. Perhaps we are not as perfect as she was, but we learned.” Jonathan said as he looked at the girl. “The issue at hand is that your blood can heal a great many of us. Do you understand what I am asking?”

Alexis looked at the vampire, and then she noticed a small knife that sat on the table next to him. If it was blood that they needed then fine she thought she would give it to them and she would be able to go. She reached down and picked up the blade. She ran it across her finger and suddenly a few drops of blood that fell from her finger turned into a small golden pool of life. The vampires each dipped their fingers into the blood, and their very faces seemed to beam with life.

“I don’t understand.” Alexis said as she noticed they all seemed to cry out in joy.

Jonathan walked over towards the blood and took a small drop and placed it in his mouth, and then he too understood the reason. He could no longer smell blood. It was like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. It had been so hard to walk along the villagers and patrol when his want for blood was so high. He picked up a small grape that sat on the table and again he noticed that his attributes were hidden. The food had taste. He could taste the bitterness of the grapes. All a sudden memories started to wash across his mind as a waterfall falls over the edge of a mountain. Tears started to swell in his eyes. For the first time in a long time he felt life.

“Stop silly! If we are late my father will never say yes to your proposal.” Clarissa said, as she ran across the field.

Jonathan looked at Alexis and wondered how it would have been to raise her in his house. The elves had taken everything away from him. They took his wife, and their child. In his heart he knew Alexis wasn’t his daughter, but he knew she would have been because she was Clarissa. Slowly his thoughts came back to their current situation.

“You have cured their need to feed.” Jonathan said, as he looked at the half blood queen.

“The question is which people will you save? Will you save your family that needs you right now? Or will you leave us and go into a realm that needs you to fight their war because they can’t put the fires out that they started? Would you want to go to a group of creatures that are so weak that they couldn’t protect you as a baby? They had to hide you in a convent. If I would have known your location I would have took you in. From what I know you have until you are eighteen years old. Will you stay with us until then, or will you go now?” Jonathan asked, as he looked at the young girl.

He would have to thank the sister again for helping him find his step daughter. No matter where Clarissa was she was still considered his wife. It had taken years to find and put the plan in motion. However, he would never rest until his wife was back at his side. As for the Elf King, he would find out how it felt to have someone taken from him as they took his wife from him.
“What would my mother have done?” Alexis asked?

Jonathan walked near her and smiled softly. Clarissa would have found a way to save the others if she could have. She often wondered why vampires lived as they did. There was no question.
“She would have saved the vampires from being vampires.” Jonathan said, as he walked away.

“Then so shall I!” Alexis said, as she opened up a journal and starting writing.
Chapter 7

“Do you think we can trust her Jonathan?” Malik questioned, as he looked at his leader.

Jonathan looked out the window as she and the cleric walked deeper into the woods. He could feel something inside her was waking up. He just didn’t know what to do about the situation. If it was true that the sacred blood runs through her veins then there is no telling what she would truly become.

“I really don’t know what to think. I think she wants to be with us. However, I think it is because she has nowhere else to go. Our plan is working perfectly. Soon her father and Clarissa will come to get her, and when they do we will have a meeting of the minds so to say.” Jonathan said, as he walked over to his chair.

“I just want my wife back. I want to tell her I’m sorry.” Jonathan, said as he placed his hands on his knees.

Malik looked at him in sorrow. Jonathan was never the same after Carissa left. On the night that she left he was tortured and nearly killed by the others because they believed he knew more about her plans. If it hadn’t been for Malik and a few others he would have been burned by the sun the very next morning. They all took a big chance in freeing him. One didn’t make it out in time. The only thing they had to go by was Carissa’s scent which led them to the sea. The scent was unbearable right after she gave birth to Alexis. Jonathan nearly went crazy when he couldn’t find her.

“Please tell me where my wife is? I don’t want to harm you, I only want her back.” Cried the vampire as the nun reached for him.

All this time he had been looking for Clarissa, and now he found his path to her. Alexis was the only way to get to his wife. Malik thought as he watched his friend.

“When the older cleric tried to force me to tell him about myself, something odd happened. I felt like something was beating inside me other than my heart.” Alexis said, as she stopped and held onto a thin vine.

Hayden didn’t know what to say, he wanted to tell her that everything would be okay, but he had noticed things to. Since she has been with the vampires her skin has started to show signs of paleness. He thought that perhaps it was the mist, but as he glanced towards her neck the other day he noticed the blood lines fading.

“ I don’t want to see war come to this land.” Hayden said, as he faced his new friend. “I don’t get the same feeling around them that I get from you.”

Alexis knew he was telling the truth. She too could feel something was off, but she didn’t want to believe it. She could tell that Jonathan was happy to see her, but there was another emotion that scared her. It was as if Jonathan was holding something back.

“Jonathan is angry. I can feel it.” Alexis said, as she fell over a small stick that seemed to be pointed upwards into the sky.

As she started to get up a small vine wrapped around her hands sending her crashing to the ground. Hayden didn’t seem to notice she struggled because he was ahead of her. As she tried to get free of the vines they continued to tighten. Again she tried to pull free, however the harder she pulled the more vines started to sprout.

“Stop it you foolish girl. We have a message for you from your father.” Alexis froze in silence.

“He warns you to be careful of the one you call Jonathan. He wants to capture your mother.” Spoke the vine as it started to unloosen.

“My mother, where is my mother?” Alexis asked, as she caught onto the vine before it could race back into the ground.

“The vampire knows more than he tells you. He knows what the stone of Arlexon is and he knows that you are supposed to use it now. You can only use it on the beach that your mother was found on.” Stated, the vine as it yanked backwards. “You must head towards the beach north of here, and we will help you with the rest.”

Alexis didn’t know what to do. She wanted to tell Hayden, but she was afraid he wouldn’t believe her. She didn’t know what to say. As she stood up and started brushing leaves from her green cloak. She noticed him was looking at her. From the look on his face he had seen everything or at least a large part of the conversation.

“You saw me talking to the vines didn’t you?” Alexis asked, as she held her hands behind her back.

“Well, not really. I saw you saying something, but it wasn’t in any language that I know.” Hayden said. “Was it about the vampire?”

Alexis looked at him and then she slowly looked back towards the mist. She didn’t want to tell him about the conversation because they could be listening. Instead she walked ahead of him. As they came to the opening in which they entered she paused.

“How far are you willing to go Hayden?” Alexis asked as she grabbed onto his shoulder.

Hayden didn’t understand the meaning, but he understood it was important. He could feel her hands growing warm and her neck once again started to glow with blue lines. When she turned to face him her eyes took on a golden glow.

“We must go to the isle that we saw in the vision.” Alexis said, as she placed her hands into the air.

“They will follow us.” Hayden said, as he tried to look around.

“No, he won’t. We have the forest on our side. Now we must go.” Alexis said, as she held out her hands and lifted the branches from the ground.

Hayden didn’t know which the worse of the two evils was. In the beginning he had thought she was weak and couldn’t take care of herself. However, now he saw she had the power to control the earth.
As the branches and leaves created walls in between Alexis and the mist Hayden started to feel sickly once again. His eyes started to ache and his hands were starting to burn. Alexis looked down at her friend and placed her hands on his eyes. Hold on we are near the beach.

“Once you are on the beach you must rub the stone and then you will be able to teleport.” Whispered, the trees.

Within seconds Alexis and Hayden slammed onto the beach. They could hear the leaves and branches breaking one by one. The vampires were on their way. Alexis grabbed the stone and whispered Arlexon. Within seconds she and Hayden were teleported into the elf realm.

Chapter 8

Alexis and Hayden both looked around at each other as they stood in the middle of a large open field with red flowers covering the ground. Arlexon was nothing like she imagined it to be. As they walked further into the field they saw small bungalows that were burning.

“I don’t understand. Why is Arlexon burning?” Alexis questioned as she walked closer.

As Alexis and Hayden walked closer into the bungalows they noticed dead elves. They were everywhere. It looked like a whole village had been wiped out. Alexis couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her father’s realm was at war.

“Who did this?” Alexis asked, as she bent down to pick up a small flower and place it on top of a small elf.

“Elves did this.” A small elf sadly stated, as he neared their side.

Alexis looked on in amazement. The elf looked a lot like her. He had dark hair and bronze skin. She silently wondered if all the elves looked like her.

“How did you make it out alive?” Hayden asked.

The elf looked at the cleric and then he looked back at Alexis. When his eyes reached Alexis he appeared to have a mixed reaction. He reached down and pulled a small red flower from the ground.

“That’s funny the flowers haven’t bloomed here in ages.” Stated, the elf.

Alexis looked back and noticed that the flowers followed her all the way to the small bungalow. The flowers seemed to create a circle around her and the others as if they were protecting them from something.

“Who are you?” Asked, the elf.

“I’m Alexis.” Alexis answered wearily.

The elf looked on in silence. Then he turned and looked at Hayden. He couldn’t make out any elf features, but nobody could enter Arlexon without elf blood. He looked back at the two again and this time he noticed Alexis’s blue lines that ran across her neck.

“You’re not a light elf, so why do you bare the mark of the sacred elves?” Questioned, the elf.

Alexis and Hayden both looked at the elves and then they looked down at Alexis’s skin compared to the other elf. He was the same color as she was. As they looked further at the dead bodies they could see a great many of dark elves and light elves.

“Does it matter what I look like?” Alexis stated.

The elf looked at her and smiled. The only race that could come to Arlexon was elves, yet she was there with another non elf creature.

“I’m part elf, and vampire.” Alexis said, as she held the elf’s gaze.

“So, it’s your kind that has been attacking us. They are of your blood.” The elf stated, as he looked at Alexis in disgust.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I just got here, so this is all new to me.” Alexis said as elf started to show signs of aggression.

“Your vampires have created another type of elf, called the dark elves. They are murderers. Look at what they did to this bungalow. There are plenty others down the river. Everywhere you go death walks amongst this land. I’m the only one who made it.” Yelled, the elf.

Hayden didn’t know what to say. He saw the death and the chaos. He didn’t want his realm to end up like Arlexon. He looked at the elf and then he looked at Alexis. She needed to return to the vampires. He understood it more than ever now. They needed the vampires who were willing to stand against this type of thing.

“Alexis, I think we must return. We can get the other vampires to help.” Hayden said as he saw the terror flash in Alexis’s eyes.

He needed to make her understand that they needed the vampires, if they were going to fight against these monsters. They couldn’t let Arlexon unravel nor could they let the human realm fall either.

“Vampires can’t kill elves. If they drink of our blood they turn into dark elves.” The elf Stated, as he looked at Hayden.

Alexis and Hayden both looked at each other. They recalled Jonathan and the other vampires drinking of her blood. They didn’t change. Could there be more going on than either one of them knew.

“We have to go back. Jonathan can tell us what to do.” Hayden said, as he held out his hand to Alexis.

“We can’t go back there. He will kill me.” Alexis cried.

“We can’t get past whatever this is. It’s larger than we are. However, we can get help. If Jonathan really wants to show you how much he cares he will do it.” Hayden said as he pleaded with Alexis to teleport them back.

Alexis thought about it for a while and finally she reluctantly agreed. As she took out the stone the elf looked on with amazement. She had the stone of the Elf Queen Nora.

“Who are you again?” The elf asked, as he touched the stone.

“I told you who I am.” Alexis said, as she held the stone up and whispered a few words to teleport them back.

When they arrived back on the isle the elf was with them. He had somehow grabbed on and entered the teleport.

“You can’t do that.” Alexis yelled as they landed back on the shore.

“You are the Elf Queen.” The elf stated as he bent towards the ground.

“My father is the king. I’m not the queen.” Alexis said as she pulled the elf up.

The elf looked at the Hayden and then he looked back at Alexis. He couldn’t believe that she didn’t know who she was and that she didn’t know what the stone meant.

“Okay not the elf queen, my name is Pabien. I’m now your non royal guard.” Pabien said, as he pushed ahead of the group. “It would seem that you have been tricked my lady. There isn’t any way that King Darrkov would have let you come to Arlexon without a guard waiting for you. The land is at war he and Clarissa never travel alone. The question is who wanted you to come back to Arlexon and why?” The elf said, as he looked at Hayden.

“Are you saying that you think she was summoned by someone other than her father?” Hayden questioned.

“I think our village was wiped out because they didn’t want you to have any knowledge of the perpetrators. You could have very well just walked out of a trap.” Stated, the elf grimly.

“So, now what will we do?” Alexis asked as she walked beside Hayden.

“We will find the vampires and see how to stop this war.” Hayden said as he took of his cloak.

“What happens when we find them?” Alexis asked.

“We will tell them that if they really want to be like your mother and get salvation then they must help us stop the war of the realms. In short they will have to give themselves over to the elves and swear allegiance to you my Queen.” Palien said as he continued to lead the way.
Chapter 9

Once they had reached the entry of the mist the surrounding areas seemed to be very quiet. Alexis could no longer hear the trees nor could she feel the rush of emotion.

“Hayden do you think something is wrong?” Alexis asked, as she stopped mid step.

Hayden didn’t want to admit it, but something was off. It was very silent. He couldn’t hear anything at all. As they entered the mist he started to feel eyes watching them. Perhaps the vampires were getting ready to jump on them because they ran away.

“Alexis, you came back.” Jonathan said as he ran out to embrace her.

Alexis was surprised that her stepfather wasn’t angry at her for leaving. She knew he had been looking for her for a long time, but she didn’t know who to trust or what to do. However, after she saw Arlexon it all made sense. She couldn’t just sit by and do nothing while both of her people died. To make matters worse she was wanted dead by both sides.

“I’m sorry I didn’t try to get to know you better Jonathan. The only people I have ever known are connected to the convent. I was told about the stone to my father’s land, but all is not well there.” Alexis said, as she thought of ways to ask for help. “Honestly, we need your help. We are dealing with a civil war, and it’s because of the vampires. I was summoned to Arlexon because someone wanted me other than my father.”

This revelation shocked Jonathan. He looked at her and then he noticed her friends. The last time he saw Alexis she was with the cleric, but now she was with an elf. Could it be that the elves were plotting to kill her as well as the other clan of vampires? If this was true Alexis would be safest here in the mist.

“Who is he?” Jonathan asked as he grabbed the elf by the throat.

Alexis looked on in horror. Jonathan’s eyes started to turn red and his fangs came down. The elf in return started kicking and pawing at his eyes. Hayden and Alexis both looked in shock. Jonathan said their blood killed the urge to feed. Yet he was about to kill the elf.

“Put him down.” Alexis yelled!

“They took Clarissa away from me. I should kill him right now.” Jonathan shouted as he continued to hold the elf in the air. “You should never have come here elf.”

“He came here because of me Jonathan.” Alexis said, as she touched her step father’s arm.

Jonathan looked into her eyes and then he looked at the scared cleric. Slowly he lowered the elf onto the ground. As soon as the elf was safely on both feet he ran and hid behind Hayden.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry because I don’t know how I can help you.” Jonathan said as he started to walk away.
“You can forgive the elves and help us save Arlexon.” Alexis stated.

He paused and slowly lifted his head to the sky. As soon as her request registered he turned to her. He would never help the person who took his wife away.

“I’m sorry, but you are asking me to help the person who ruined my life. I can’t help you Alexis.” Jonathan said, as he walked off.

“Then tell me this how do I get back to the realm that you and my mother are from?” Alexis asked.

The question caused Jonathan to stop dead in this tracks. He knew she couldn’t go there ever. Those were the vampires that wanted her dead. He had to help her. It was the only way to make sure she didn’t pass over into their broken realm.

“Give me some time to think about it.” Jonathan said, as he disappeared.

The next day Jonathan and his head vampire came up with a plan. He wanted to help Alexis out, and he wanted his wife back. So, they concluded that the only way to do this was to return to Arlexon. As they were talking the elf came forward.

“I can tell that you really care for Alexis.” Pabien said, as he sat down. “However, if you have any plans of entering into Arlexon and killing the king there is something you should know.”

Jonathan and the other vampire looked at the elf. He was bold for coming to him alone, but he knew what he was doing. As long as Alexis wanted him alive he would stay alive. However, that didn’t mean he had to be near him.

“Leave us.” Jonathan stated, as he turned his back to the elf.

“I will leave you soon enough, but before I go I need to tell you something. Alexis carries the stone of Arlexon.” Pabien said, as he cautiously came near the vampire. “If he dies while we are over there she will have to stay. She won’t have a choice. If you care about her as much as you say you do, you will forget about the problems with Darrkov. Besides whoever summoned her is still waiting for her. I have seen what the dark elves can do, and trust me you are no match.”

Jonathan felt as if his life had been taken all over again. He had been waiting all these years to kill the Elf King only to find out he couldn’t. Before he could turn around and say anything else the elf was gone.

A few hours later Alexis came back into the chamber. Perhaps she could be persuaded to leave the battle to her father. In reality they didn’t know enough about Arlexon to enter it and beat these hybrid elves.

“Alexis, I’m afraid I have bad news.” Jonathan said as he beckoned for her to sit down next to him.

Alexis didn’t want to hear him say no, but she was afraid of the word yes to. She didn’t know how to fight the dark elves which were part vampire.

“Your elf friend has just informed me that more than likely you were tricked into returning to Arlexon. That means someone is waiting for you. Even though I hate your father, I don’t believe that he would have you come into a realm that you don’t know without any type of protection.” Jonathan, said as he continued to wonder the reasons behind the summon.

Alexis looked on in silence. Her only hope was to stay with the vampires, and try to help them. However, the elf said that the blood of elves turns vampires into dark elves.

“I don’t know what to do. Everyone is at war. I think we need to go to the beginning of it all.” Alexis said, as she watched Jonathan grimace.

“We don’t have enough vampires to go into war with the elves. We can’t go back to where it started.” Jonathan said, as he tried to explain the situation.

“Well then what will we do?” Alexis asked.

“If Alexis’s blood helps to undo some of the harmful attributes why can’t we set up traps to gather vampires?” Hayden said, as he noticed the others glaring at him.

Jonathan looked at them both with a blank stare on his face. Perhaps it would work, but the question was how to capture a vampire?

“If we do this, it will be dangerous.” Jonathan said, as he walked towards the tall door.

“If we can build an army of vampires using my blood. You and the others will be able to defeat the dark elves and in return you will gain some form of life back.” Alexis said, as she reached out to her step father.

“So what about Arlexon? What will we do about the elves?” Asked the elf?

“For now we can’t do anything, but wait for our army to grow. We will need all the vampires we can to save Arlexon.” Jonathan stated.

“There is one thing that can save them and cure all the vampires as well.” Pabien said. “It’s called the Imariin Springs. Alexis your blood has to run into the springs. In return the ground will soak up the blood and heal the realm and any realm touching it.”

“I’m not letting Alexis die.” Jonathan said, as he rushed towards the elf.

“She doesn’t need to die. She just needs to drop a few drops of blood in the spring, and life is cleansed.” Pabien said as he backed away from the vampire.

“When the time is right we will return to Arlexon, but for now we have to worry about our realm.” Hayden said, as he walked between the two.

Alexis couldn’t take it any longer she was fine when she thought it was only about her returning home. Now it seemed that realms were unraveling because of her. Silently she sat down and cried.

“Don’t cry. This isn’t your doing. We will find a way to beat the evil. You are our only hope. You will change our whole race for the better.” Jonathan said, as he placed his arms around her shoulder.

“I don’t know if I can be all that you need. There are so many things that I don’t understand.” Alexis cried.

“That is why you must wait until you are eighteen Alexis. You need to learn more about who you are, and what your powers are.” Jonathan insisted. “As for now, don’t worry because we are together and nothing will harm you.”

“Jonathan, what does salvation mean?” Alexis asked.

“You will have to ask your mother when you meet her. However, I think salvation means we have a chance to get things right, and be free of this curse.” Jonathan said, as he closed his eyes and thought of Clarissa and her prayers.

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