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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Query letter ...for The Druid's Dark Plan

Dear Mr. Get me an Agent before I pull my hair out,
It’s been two hundred years in the mythical realm of Milshem. The creatures have been at peace, and all magical use has been outlawed. Today as Kale and his sister get ready to journey on a new adventure they have to say a sad goodbye to everything they once knew. While preparing for the journey Kale invites his best friend Jade. As Kale and the others enter into the old tavern called Crook Jade starts to remember visions of another journey that started out the very same way. However, what Jade doesn’t know is that the Druid recalls everything from the past, and he is now ready to wage war on the land. This time the druid will use his own army to crush the inhabitants of Milshem while the others wait to regain their memories.
The Druid’s Dark Plan is a fantasy story that takes place in a mythical land called Milshem. The land houses all kinds of creatures; however it has never been home to fairies until the arrival of Marissa and her sisters. The story is 14308 words long , and it is geared towards the Young Adult age group.  In The Druid’s Dark Plan several types of mythical creatures come alive. You will find fairies, rocs, mages, and simurgs that will play vital roles in the outcome of the land. The story is about a mythical land that comes under attack from an evil druid that was once exiled by the keepers of the mist. Together they will learn how to defeat the druid one last time, and bring peace to the creatures that claim the mist as their home.
I’m S.B. Santiago and I’m the author of The Druid’s Dark Plan. I’m married with three children, and I have self published three books called The Vampire’s Salvation, The Torn Veil of Dashien, and Luck of the Curse. I look forward to hearing from you.
Have a great day,
S.B. Santiago

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