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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Most embarrassing moment ever….

I had just started working at the School Age Center for Fort Bliss, a couple of year ago in the summer. It was really hot on this day that the moment occured. I was like wow I feel so unfresh, so I ran into the bath room and put on baby powder. I thought oh I feel nice and cool. I really didn't think anything would happen out of the ordinary, well one of the base directors came into the room as I had my back turned towards the door reading a book about Egypt. He looke a little funny when I turned around , but I didn't know why.

I smiled and said hello and thought nothing of it. Later that day one of my coworkers said Mrs. Shelly did you know you have a big white spot on the back of your pants. I had on black pants, so it showed really well. As we tried to wipe it off infront of the kids mind you a big cloud of powder started to puff into the air. She was laughing and I was mortified. The more we hit the more powder puffed into the air....I learned a lesson no more powder with black pants..

Another memory comes to mind when I started working with the School System in Savannah, GA. I had been there maybe a month at most. There was a chair in the class room that use to roll backwards very easy. However, I didn't know it yet.  The class and I were having a little talk,and as I went to sat down the chair shot backwards. So I landed on the floor. The kids jumped up worried to death, while I sat their once again mortified.  

Moments I will never forget.......

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