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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Please do this for me....

Last night I got some great news. I found out that Alexis did really well on her exit test for the year. I was a bit worried about the reading portion of the test because she hates to read. She hasn’t passed it in like three years. So when I found out she passed it I was so happy. She told me she has been reading my books. I wrote my books with her in mind. I knew what she liked to read about, and I guess it paid off.
There was one book that she didn’t feel comfortable reading. It was Luck of the Curse. The character Amanda was inspired by her. However, she came up to me last night and told me..she read it. She said she likes it a lot. So, I haven’t really just asked or begged you guys to buy anything, but I’m asking you to buy this. The book is a fiction book about two homeless girls who find out that their friend has come under a curse by a gypsy. The friend’s best friend Craig who happens to be a ghost tells the girls about the curse and the moments leading up to it. While the girls get ready to take this crazy adventure they are also witnessing changes within their families. Amanda’s family finaly gets a house of their own, and Florica finds family members she never thought she would see again.
Two main points that are important in this book. One the idea that houses might be nice, however it’s the family inside that makes it a home.
Secondly I wanted to shake up the idea that gypsies can’t be normal people. The conflicts with the gypsies have been in the news this year, and I found it rather sad. I don’t like to judge people because of what others might think of them. So I think you will find Florida’s character a great stereotype buster. I wanted to address racism, other than it shining on America. I feel like everyone always points to us when it comes to racism. However America isn’t the only nation that has treated people unfairly. So this is a chance to look at the situation using a different cultural group. Please Pleaseeeee… go to for the US download for Luck of the Curse, and go to for the UK download.
Together we can end racism, and unjust treatment of others. However we need to show our children to take the good with the bad.

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