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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

15 Facts About U.S. Income Inequality That Everyone Should Know (CHARTS)

One day my daughter came home and was like mom I didn’t eat. The school only lets them charge one day. She said she cried the whole lunch period. About a month later I was like why don’t you invite your friends over. It was always, no. It wasn’t until this school year that she got comfortabl­e enough to have friends. I talked to her one day and I found out she didn’t invite them because she was shame that she didn’t even have her own room. I decided to write a book about a girl in a similar situation to what she was feeling. For a long time she wouldn’t read it. She would open it up and close it. I was like what’s wrong with the story? She was like can you please write about something else? I told her go on and finish reading it Lex , it’s nothing to be shame of. She came up to me last night told me she liked it. I had to show her that she wasn’t the only one that felt that way, and most importantl­y I understood her. I needed her to understand that I knew what she felt and I cared. I kindly ask you to get this book. It’s a fiction book about two girls in a similar situation.

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