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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Federal Reserve Lending Revelations Intensify Criticism Of Central Bank's Secrecy

We all knew it to begin with. Just look at the stock market. We can have horrible news within the society and the stock market will rally like never before on Intel raising 4%.We are in the worse financial shape seen in many years yet the banks are coming out from under their slumps because it never fails. They take money from their customers. They rob and steal people blind. Yet we blame each other while the rich business men laugh their way to the bank. Unite as a country and stand up for our rights. It’s time to stop giving blank checks to corporatio­ns, and work on developing a stronger society.

Do you still think it’s such a bad idea to tax the rich? How do you think these CEO’s and VP’s of these banks got their money? They got the money from the people. I don’t want to be used anymore. Is it only okay for the little man to support the big man?
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