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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Right now the temp is 94 in this house. I don't know what it is about the heat, but I find it hard to focus. As I type this post my cold bath water is running. Physically I don’t feel like doing anything. It’s hard to think, move, or even talk in this heat box. Right now Alaska would be a dream. Perhaps after I get out of the shower I will feel better. Did I mention it’s hard to think? It almost hurts to even recall how to spell at this moment. How odd is that? 10 min shower break…be right back…

Well that helped a little. Now I feel cooler. Sadly I can also feel the coolness going away as I type this sentence. What is it about the heat? I think the heat messes with our minds. People seem to get angry really fast when it’s hot. Just yesterday we got into two arguments within three hours. I would love to work on The Druid’s Dark Plan, but honestly it’s too damn hot to think. I would love to have a cup of coffee, but it’s too hot to drink it. Right now I’m wondering how hot can the inside of a house get? I think when the kids come home from school I will let them play in the backyard for a while. Tomorrow if it still isn’t fixed we are buying a tent and putting it in the back.

I wish I could summon just a little snow…..just enough to make the heat turn into warmth, and not extreme discomfort. I’m tired…I think I’ll go rest.

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