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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Help, I'm Melting!!!

Well I don't think I can sleep anymore. My pillow is soaked. The AC isn't working and boy can you feel it. Right now I'm wishing I was anywhere other than Texas. If I could fool my mind into thinking I'm in Canada it would be nice. What I need now is a tub of ice.

Anyways, today I will start looking at The Druid's Dark Plan again. At least I know what areas to look at. I'm so glad someone gave me a review for it because it means a lot of have someone other than family read it. It's not that family doesn't matter, but family sometimes tells white lies. So, you want others to look at it, and everything I was told seems really logical. I don't mind rewriting. Perhaps this is the best thing for someone without an agent. We have to get our info from somewhere. I hope the AC gets fixed today or tomorrow. I don't like feeling like this. I have never been so hot in my life, and I have lived in some hot places.

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