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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Stopping Bullying Starts With Us

We have to send a message to the community that we want this behavior ended. I have been thinking a lot about this, and I think the difference starts with us. We have to teach our children right and wrong. I think if we have tougher laws dealing with this behavior, children will stop acting out in this way. I was on the other line when the officer told my husband he does not think the children who attacked my daughter are bad children, if they are not grouped together. Well, I do not care how sweet they look on Facebook, the hard facts are, they are mean children. Some of the kids had been bullying her since the 4th grade. The law wants to zero in on one, but the school punished them all. It was more than one child who did the kicking, hitting, trying to put her head into a fence. We went to the police station on that Friday and they wouldn't let us file a report. We had to wait until that Monday to file the report with the school police. In this case the school board is taking it more serious than the cops appear to be. Perhaps they should put their children in my daughter's shoes and then tell me how good the attackers are.

Good kids do not gang up on people and beat another person up because they can.

Time to get busy with changing the laws! Please sign my petition and help me get the laws in place for harsher punishment for the next group of kids who take it upon themselves to harm another child.

Texas State Senate: Make Bullying A Class A Assault via @Change

***Currently*** We are being told we can get one of the children on a Class C Assault  Charge  

                                                            Her report is below.

We are stepping up to the plate. If you know someone who is getting abused at school, show them your support.  Show them how much you care because that love might be the key to their ability to get over the incident.!


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