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Monday, April 7, 2014

Ariana Starts A New School Tomorrow

 I have so many mixed emotions about those children. I am so angry, but I am really concerned for them. I don't want them growing up hurting other children. I think we are all lucky. I am lucky my child was not severely injured. They should be lucky as well. However, it can't really stop there. Ariana is having nightmares about the ordeal and every time I saw her grimace in pain, I got mad. As much as I want to say it's kids being kids, I can't dismiss what they did. Every time I think of Ariana getting kicked and hit by that group of kids, it reminds me that she didn't fight back, she wanted to follow the rules. Those rules should have applied to those children. If the parents did not teach them to follow rules, then shame on them.

You will have to answer to someone for bad behavior. It might not be mom,dad, your teachers, sisters,brother, but it will be someone. Better to get introduced with the procedure and rules of the real world now, then to kill someone later. My daughter's psychological nightmares are just starting. With luck any charge on them will be sealed by 18, but who knows how long my baby will think about them beating her.

She is still wondering why it happened. She asked again if she did something wrong? I told her no, but she can't understand why the children attacked her. She is scared, and worried that it will happen again. I don't know if it is normal behavior or not. I might feel the same, if I were in her shoes.

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