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Sunday, September 8, 2013

On Vacation From The Day Job

I'm on vacation for a few days. I will be working on two things this week. As you can see, I'm working on Virgin Retribution three! However, I'm also working on one of my flash stories for a Halloween book that I wish to release in October.

I wrote Normandy Boarding School for a flash fiction contest last year. My daughter wanted me to enter the contest with her, so I did! It was just pretty basic. So, now I'm working on it for my Halloween book. I'm trying to give the ghost character a first person point of view feel. As some of you know, authors go over these things often. I will post it below.

I was the toast of the school, long before I ever reached for the wooden door handle. Everyone knew me and those who didn’t know me, soon knew of me. It sounds strange to say those words now. My mother and father were very important people in our community. They would often be summoned to meetings here and there. I decided it was time for me to see other parts of the world, so I had my counselor send my resume to Normandy Boarding School.
It took months for me to hear from the school. I had our maid check our mail before my parents made it home daily. Finally, the day came when Lara slid a large white envelop in my hands. It was beautiful. The letters NBS were painted across the back of the large envelop. I still remember what it felt like to rub my fingers across the paint. It was so cool, and smooth. It smelled like something from a lotion store.    
 To fully understand the significance of this event, you would have to understand Normandy Boarding School. Normandy Boarding School was a beautiful female fortress at the top of a mountain in Germany. Many of the rich girls coming from country to country thought Normandy Boarding School was the picture of perfection. Maybe it was because it sat on the top of a mountain between two castle ruins overlooking the Rhine River.
Each year girls from all over the world would send in their applications for Normandy or NBS if you want to get technical.  Parents would pay top dollar for their prep school pups, only to receive letters with two sentences stating a denial. For the parents with limited access, they often boasted through their social networking families about the prestigious school and their semi denial!
The school was also richly known for their outstanding scholars and swimming program. Just as Normandy had good qualities it also had bad qualities. Over the years NBS was home to quite a lot of drama. You see, the school had a history of being a sanctuary for some children and a nightmare for others.     

These four paragraphs are new! I wanted to bring the ghost to life and show why she steps in to help the character. You can read the flash story for yourself! It should be posted on one of the pages. One of the hardest things is switching from tense to tense. In other news The Broken Realm sold a copy in the United States yesterday. The Broken Realm is another story geared towards Young Adult readers. Well, I'm getting ready for church.

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