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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can You Repeat That?

I came across this article earlier today. As you know, I love the Huffington Post. The article was talking about grammar and how we use grammar. To jump right to the point, we aren't using correct grammar. In some cases, we aren't teaching correct grammar. Writing is like reading in many ways. The more you write the better you get at writing.

I recall my first self-published book. I made some simple mistakes in my dialog. As time went on, I learned to do things the right way. However, it was a process. You will meet some authors that love commas! You will also meet some that hate commas! After I published Virgin Retribution I received two 3 star reviews. One reviewer felt the book was well written, and the other reviewer was put of by the spelling of my names and punctuation problems. I didn't find any punctuation problems, nor did the first reviewer! Yet, grammar is in the eye of the beholder. I received a 1 star review some weeks later because the reviewer was put off by the chapter outline and the way the story was written. The Virgin Retribution, starts each chapter with Dawn and ends it with Kris. She also felt I tried too hard at creating a dramatic pull.

This is the problem with grammar. You will never find two people that see the same vision. So, who's right and who's wrong? Is there a medium? Are we reading and scoring work by a flawed system? Is there a such thing as correct grammar? Below I've listed a few things I hate to hear and see. I'm a country girl, but I still hate hearing some of these words!

Phrases that drive me insane....

"We be's going"
I can't stand to hear people substitute is or are for be's! I'm not sure if they are using be's or bes. It doesn't matter, because it's still wrong!

"Me to!"
For the love of Pete, it's too. Don't forget that extra O. We aren't talking about going to the store. We are talking about adding on.

"That be it."
That will be all or if you must, that will be it!

Frequent misspelled words...


Enough grammar fun for today!!!!

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