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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Can't Kick This Cold

I'm still sick and it's getting on my nerves. I have this nasty NyQuil taste that will not leave my mouth. I just took two cap fulls, so if I'm lucky I will be able to breathe soon. I washed up some of the blankets yesterday, I guess I'll try to finish the others today. Alison seems to be doing a lot better. She went to school yesterday and today. 

Ariana and I had a long talk before she went to school. She blamed her ADHD for her acting out this morning. I kindly reminded her that Nick Canon, Adam Levine, and her former pediatrician all had ADHD. I told her we can never use it as an excuse to act out. She continued to tell me how her ADHD was ruining her life. I don't know why or how she came to view it so harshly. I had to further explain what ADHD means and how it wasn't like losing your arm or leg. I told her just because she has ADHD doesn't mean she will not be Chef  Ariana one day. It only means Ariana will need to concentrate a little harder to get to that goal. 

I think the meds are kicking in....

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