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Monday, May 14, 2012

Who Wants To Be A Million Dollar Author

Okay I know there isn’t a show titled that yet, but there should be. Reality TV shows have taken over America and they are on  the rise in other countries. Just take a look at the shows that were giving a green light for a new season. You will notice one type show never seems to go away. The reality show no matter how cheesy, or how frustrating seems to always stay on top.

So publishing companies are having a hard time. I have a great idea. Maybe it’s time for the publishing companies to enter into the world of Reality TV. The publishing industry has changed a lot over the last two years. There are more independent authors selling books today than there has ever been . Now those same companies that once closed their doors to new authors are finding themselves hoping that some of those authors will submit their work. The truth is, the old model of publishing doesn’t sound appealing anymore. A lot of authors are saying no thank you!

I checked out a website for a company that publishes Science Fiction books and I was surprised to learn that my book The Alien Recruitment was either head to toe with their books or ranked above them. Snobbery will soon crush many companies unless they come up with a better plan to bring in new authors. These companies never thought they would need to market their selves to authors, but times have changed.  They have to market to the new generation of authors because this generation has more choices.

Instead of paying millions to bring in one new author, perhaps they should team up with a production company and offer a book deal, which happens to include a movie deal. They could fight for the rights of the book, and together with the production company make a good offer. Perhaps the author would get an advance of 400,000 dollars and a movie deal. This movie deal could send the reward clearly over a million bucks.

When things get tough the tough need to start thinking…Make traditional publishing fun again. Change the way you do business.

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