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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Parks and Enjoyment

This morning we talked about the job of the City Council. I wanted to show you the areas that some of our council members are talking about. Everyone wants to live in a nice area with safe surroundings. On these videos you will see three parks. Two of the parks are in nice areas, while one is in a area that seems to be bothered with crime. The residents that live near the park with criminal activity should be very careful as to who they vote in, and bring up ways to decrease the crime in the area. Some of the stores in the area happen to be stores that drug users can shop at for drug paraphernalia. As long as you have stores that sell to people that use drugs the area will never be safe. Perhaps the council members need to figure out how to drive stores like The Purple Haze from the area near the park before they talk about making fixing the roads. After visiting the area I don't think that new roads will fix their problems.

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