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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Drink Water Please

This morning we are going to talk about something very important. We are talking about drinking water. The last two days have been really horrible for me because of dehydration. This isn't my first time dealing with it, but I plan for it to be my last. Some of us don't realize that you can become dehydrated while still drinking soda and juices. As I writing this to you right now, I'm also drinking my first glass of water for today. When we think about water; we often think about it for recreation. It is a last resort for many of us. However, if we don't get enough water we can end up in a world full of hurt. I have to take baby steps. So, my plan is to drink about 4 to 6 glasses a day. I know the recommended amount is 8 glasses, but I'm trying to get there. So, today look at water as a way to stay healthy. Don't just look at it as a way to have fun, or the perfect picture location. Trust me when you are doubled over because of will remember that water is needed for your harmony. Nobody should have to spend hours in the hospital for something so little that requires little effort. Drink up..

It's good for drinking too!

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