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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Glasses and My Ego!!

I finally purchased glasses. I have known for months that I needed them, but I didn't want to get them until after I saw the difference they made in my children's lives. It's so funny now. I see things that I didn't see before, and I don't have to kiss the screen while I'm reading. Deep down inside I knew I needed them, but it takes me a while to give in. I've been told to take iron pills because I have low iron, but I hate taking medicine. There are some people who have to be darn near dead to get them to the hospital, or the doctor's office! Regrettably, I happen to be one of those types of people.

I hope your weekend is going well, and soon I will have my revisions performed for The Heart of the Curse. I stepped outside of the box this time! I have a professional cover! After everything is all said and done things should run smoothly.

As for The Alien Recruitment, this month has been really good to me.I have sold more books this month than any other month in my history. Some authors don't like the free promotions, but I really think I owe my success to the free promotions. I'm so happy that my readers have supported me all the way. I never guessed I would grow a fan base in the UK. So, you can only imagine what it's like to be a constant bestseller in Science Fiction High Tech for Amazon with the United Kingdom for nearly a month. It's sweet to know that I am taken into consideration.

Well, I'm about to fall out now. I guess the lack of sleep is catching up with me. I will talk to you later.

S.B. Santiago AKA Shelly

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