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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Alien Recruitment Sci_Fi for today!

Well this has been a crazy week. My book is doing really great things in the UK. I 'm so happy, and I can't wait to see what this week has to bring. If I am lucky the good luck will spill over into this week. We have to wait and I guess this proves the free promotions really do work.

However, it also depends on what the book is. The Alien Recruitment is my best selling book ever. I'm really happy that readers have taken me under their wing. I had a small issue on the 11th! A reviewer pointed out the fact that I write both Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I really do love both genres! I think I'm better at Sci-Fi, and that is the reason I'm only working on The Alien Recruitment. I think the reviewer has a point. It is time for me to pick something and stay with it. So, right now I'm still in the drawing phase. I have the base completed, and the inside of the hall. I will do this book a little differently. I will make sure that I'm adding more detail, and it will be longer. The plan is to draw up plans at the start of each chapter. In book two Adversity will return to Earth! I will not tell you what I want to happen, but I think it will be different and fun! My goal is to get young people excited about Science Fiction.

If you would like to check out my crazy ranking for the UK open the link below.

Have a great week!

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