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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amanda Cummings' Suicide Prompts Cyberbullying Bill In New York

Thank you! It's about time they do something about this. Honestly they should have done something before this. What I found most horrid was the fact that these children were on Facebook making fun of her when it happened. We should all take a stand against it. I'm sorry and I hate to say this, but Facebook should do their part too. People hide behind the 1st Amendment at times to be cruel. It's my right, blah blah blah. Well it isn't your right to cause someone to commit suicide. Singers, rappers, and other artist should also do more to encourage the youth to think about things. I wrote a book about bullying because I wanted to make a difference­. http://www­­m/Blend-In­-Harpy-Hil­l-ebook/dp­/B006SVKZ6­4/ref=sr_1_1?s=­digital-te­xt&ie=UTF8­&qid=13262­17366&sr=1­-1 Please it isn't enough to say I stand against this type of behavior. Do something to show it.

Parents start looking at the sites your children are on. I hate it when parents fuss about not wanting to invade their children's privacy. Sometimes you have to invade in order to protect. Please be cautious.
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