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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello Everyone!

It feels like I have been away for years. I’m so glad to be back! Thanks for continuing to frequent my blog while I was missing in action for a little. I think most of you have seen the work I’ve done on Blend In, and this week I will start on revisions for The Heart of the Curse. While I have been away I have noticed someone else added me to their favorite Smashword’s author. That means a lot to me. I have also noticed that my books The Vampire’s Salvation and The Vampire’s War on Dashien are climbing up the ranks for free books on Barnes and Noble.

Enough about me…It’s time to talk about another author! Her name is Lisa McDivitt ! Please get to know her and find out about her book “The Debutante Detective . She is an author with Publisher: 48fourteen ( .This company has a lot of great authors. So please check them out, and everything you need to know about her book can be found below.

“The Debutante Detective
Publisher: 48fourteen (

Samantha Robinson has questionable fashion sense, a dorky sense of humor, and keen observational skills. Her nosiness and passion for murder novels has her believing there’s always a mystery to be solved. Much to her frustration, her parents’ new money has made Samantha a shoe-in as a debutante, even though it’s the last thing Samantha would ever want to be. She doesn’t want to spend any more time with the catty rich girls who have made her life miserable since junior high. But just when she is going to tell her family that there’s no way she’ll be a debutante, the head of the debutante world is murdered. As a debutante-elect and relative outsider, the police department’s lead investigator encourages Sam to become a part of the very society that has ostracized her for her entire life.

In her new role as a secret agent during the summer between high school and college, Sam finds that she actually grows to like parts of the society on which she’s supposed to be spying. But her investigation causes mayhem in her personal life. Will she be able to solve the murder, pull her family back together, adjust to her new position as a member of high-society, evade a killer, and get the right guy?

Now available at,, and at”

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