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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Pains of Being Different

Malicious attacks are becoming all too familiar in the writing world. It saddens me to see how many negative comments people post about Independent authors. On one hand people tell these authors  to never stop working towards their dreams. Yet, they let people go on their public forums and bash them. So what’s a self published author to do? We have to learn to ignore the would be critics. We have to learn that their opinions of us don’t shape our talent in any form or way. Will the harsh words hurt? Yes, they will sting at times. However, it’s okay! Don’t give up on your dreams. There are miserable people everywhere. Have you ever heard the saying “misery loves company”, well that it the perfect example of what we are witnessing.
Honestly , for a long time the major publishing houses ran the book market. Just finding an agent was a task that seemed to be unattainable for some. Yes, there will always be books that are worse than others. We don’t all have the same skill of storytelling. You don’t have to be like anyone other than yourself. So, try not to let it get you in the dumps when you read negative threads on certain forums. If these people feel the need to start and continue post after post about the deficits of the Independent author …then there has to be a motive! Hold your head up high, and keep looking for your silver lining.
In the end get a blog up and running. Give your readers a chance to get to know you , and work on building your relationships. At the end of the day we write because we love telling stories, I write because it gives me a safe place to retreat to. Most of all…I write because I love to. You should do the same…write because writing is in your heart! Never give into the harsh comments, and never give up on your dream. Go out there and become a millionaire! I’ll be looking for your name!

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