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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why am I so scary?

I'm scared. Now that a lot of people are getting my books I'm scared to death. Every time I see a purchase from Smashwords flash across my computer screen...I feel anxiety. I’m so thrilled that you want to read my work, but at the same time….I’m so scared… I write because I like it, and it helps to protect me from my problems. I’m no JR Tolkien, but I have heart. If you take anything from my stories…take this…you don’t have to be black, white, or any other race to dream of endless possibilities. Our imaginations don’t have to hide behind boxes.. Just because you belong to a certain culture..Doesn’t mean you can’t understand other cultures. As long as we love and respect each other no matter the difference...we will overcome so many obstacles.

I was asked once why didn’t I use black people on my covers…the answer is simple… When we start separating ourselves by race...we give into the perception that race matters more than just being human.

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