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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Republicans/Democrats..Why the rift?

When this country first started it was a country of hope. People came from all over the world with one thing on their mind. They wanted to make a better future for their family. Today we stand at the door of 2012..and still we are divided by this imaginary line called politics. Does not everyone in this country want the same thing? Perhaps our dreams are different, but our needs are the same. We all need a way to provide for our families, have health care, and feel protected. Some of you want to argue about healthcare, some want to argue about taxes..However at the end of the day a society can't grow if they are still so divided.

Taxes, nobody wants to pay taxes. For some of you who make a lot of could stand the chance of getting your taxes raised. If you are a small business owner you could stand the chance of getting your taxes raised...However don't you understand that you can make it if your taxes are raised..The working poor can't.

Take someone named Pat he makes 2000 a month, and his wife brings in 1400 a month after taxes. They  have two small children. So they have to pay 800 in daycare. Not only do they have to pay daycare, but Pat pays the insurance for the family as well. It comes up to 400 dollars a month. Now both adults have cars with 300 dollar payments each. Now we are at 1600.. Not to mention they still need to pay the rent on their apartment . Their rent is 700, gas is 50, electric 150 , car insurance 100, gas for work 250 a month, phone 50 ..after everything that is said and done..this couple has maybe 300 dollars for food before you raise their taxes. After their taxes are raised..they end up with maybe 200 for food...for a family of four. Now both Pat and his wife have college degrees, but they had to take lower paying jobs because of all the business closings in the area.

Can you not see how raising their taxes could hurt them in everyday life? Yet some of you would rather see this family reduced to nothing because the rich have a right to live life, while the poor have to worry about how they will live another day.

When did America start thinking like a third world country? When did we start thinking about protecting the rich, and pushing more on the poor? At the end of the your party worth this? Can any party be right, if they protect only one group while hanging the others out to dry.
Calling all the Independents ...where are you? Stand up...If you are tired of the crap...step away from your party and join the only party that really stands up for their views..The Independents..

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