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Monday, July 25, 2011

Racism and Writing...

I've been reading some interesting articles today about black authors who write fantasy. Some of the articles talked about adding black characters or having main characters that were black. As a writer you can create anything you want. You can create new worlds, new people, new rules. I have three books out right now, and honestly color was never an issue when I created my characters. The Vampire's Salvation and The Vampire's War on Dashien are stories about vampires and elves. Heart of the Curse is about two friends that happen to be white. When I first envisioned the story, I saw them that way. It's okay , it doesn't make me less black. I don't think it mattered what race I made them. I don't want to be known as a black author who writes fantasy and science fiction. I want to be known as an author. Sometimes we put too much weight on things that shouldn't matter. My children look up to me because I'm their mother. When I talk to other children they don't care that my characters have light skin. It's just kind of funny to me. James Cameron isn't blue but he made a movie about blue people. J.R. Tolkien wasn't a hobbit , but he wrote books about hobbits. The point is...we can't box ourselves in because we are of different nationalities. I guess it just depends on why you write. I write because it makes me feel good inside, and my children like hearing my stories. Maybe some of you like them too. Do something because it makes you feel good, not because you fear repercussions if you don't do the norm.  

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