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Friday, July 22, 2011

My blog made the 4000 viewer mark...Cool

Nothing to report. Still in the thinking phase...The Vampire's Salvation is ranked 24,520 for Amazon UK. It's nice to know people want to buy my books. However, until July 31 you can get them for free at Smashword just follow this link
I'm trying to look out for you!! Oh come to think about it..I do have good news! The roast turned out great. I think I need new cooking things. I only have a pot, skillet, and a bake pan. I'm really not that great at cooking, but I'm learning. I put lemon juice,banana pepper juice, bell peppers, and onions on and around the roast. After it cooked for like three hours okay maybe 1.5 I cut up potato and placed it in the juice. It turned out great. I mixed the juice together in a bowl..first. I just continued to add until it tasted good. I really don't want to cook today. I have cooked like four days in a row. I guess I will pull out the cook book and see how to make cheeseburger pie. mhmm That sounds good to me. The kids are loving it. I have the greatest kids ever, they are so supportive with everything I do.

I know I did something right in this world....I had them. My back bothered me nearly the entire day yesterday. I have been trying to stay up later to avoid certain things...however...I didn't get so lucky the night before....I thought someone told me women like sex from 30 to 35..that's not true. I find that it's like a oh no not now...or oh no do we have to..However I never say it out loud..I just rub his stomach and pray that he falls to sleep and forgets about it until the next day. Once a week is enough. Anyway after Motrin all day yesterday, I feel fine today. My back no longer hurts...So on to the cook book I go...

See ya later....

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