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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Good Night Story...

I never had my mother tell me stories or sing me songs. However I thought I would try something special tonight and for the next few nights. I'm going to make up my own section of bed time stories and tell them to you. This one is called The Black Forest Wolf.

The Black Forest Wolf.

One night a poor traveler lost his way to the King's Castle. He looked and looked , but still he couldn't find a path. Suddenly he thought, perhaps the path was back through the two tall trees that lay off to the side of the road. As the traveler turned around he didn't notice his small pouch of water hit the ground. He could only think of one thing, and that was the path to the King's Castle. Eagerly he continued on his new path until he found the two tall trees.

As he entered onto the path, he noticed a small road above. Perhaps he thought it was the road to the king. Now with renewed strength the traveler skipped all the way down the small road until it came to an end. He looked left and right, still no road. Well that's odd he thought as he began to turn around only to find that the road he was on was no longer to be found. There he stood in the middle of the Black Forest without a lamp, or a map.He reached for his water only to find that his water pouch was missing from behind. Darn he thought as he stepped deeper into the woods perhaps he could find a stream or a brook. After hours of walking his feet started to ache, his back was hurting and it was causing him to shake. A stream started to glisten from not far above, which prompted the traveler to remove his one and only glove. Finally he thought that he would drink some water, and be on his way, however he didn't know that today wasn't a good day. As he stepped up to the watery pit not noticing a wolf had drank from it. Without thinking about the tales from the old, he pouring the water into the glove.

As the water clenched his thirst he noticed something that was a first. He could see better, he could hear better, he could even smell better..something was mystical about the water..So he ran back and grabbed more and started to drink it once again. This time he noticed his skinny arms turned into hard muscle, and his bony legs turned into images of the legs of Apollo. Wow he thought as he had one more drink. He would drink all the water from his glove and run to refill it. After all the water was gone he started to run back again  , but this time he was stopped by a follower.

  " Did ye drink that water lad?"  Asked the old woman as she carefully inspected the traveler.
   " Of course I did. I needed something or else I would have died of thirst."

   " Did you have one drink?" The old woman asked.
   " Maybe one." The traveler said.

   " Aw I see. Well at least you didn't have three. Whomever drinks three drinks of the wolf's water drinks the same fate as he." She laughed until she vanished into thin air.

The traveler didn't believe the old lady so he continued on. Surely he would find the Castle this time he promised. Soon the sun was down and everything was silent around. He noticed a group of lights from above. As he ran to the lights he became blinded by another sharp light that beamed from the moon. Only this time it would amount to his doom. Quickly he fell, and his cries rang out like bells...

When it was all over the next morning he lay naked in the field wondering what had happened and if it was real.

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